Do u fart on ur bike?

As the title says… Do u fart when ur on the bike? I don’t as I feel it’s disrespectful to my baby 6… Plus… If u do it in textile trousers and it ain’t got nowhere to go when u take em off it smells like a dead body… Has ne1 ever followed thru while fartin on a bike?

yeah man every time i take off my textile trousers it smells like mouldy shite

Lololololol allow that talk fam!!! Jeeez best hope u don’t eat beans
Before a rideout that **** there is nuclear I swear if I fart after eating that my bike will have a nitrous boost

Keeps your ass warm in winter though

Yeah tru stories specially after u follow through and it slides down ur legs into ur boots keeps ur feet warm

Sometimes I can’t work out if it’s me or the bike :blush:

The other week, I dropped one while stopped at lights and I’m convinced the biker beside me heard it but I couldn’t bring myself to look round at his face.

Recently invested in Muc-Off’s freshening foam. It’s good but doesn’t last forever. Next experiment - a flamethrower.

Yea, but I stand on the pegs first - out of respect :wink:

just take the weight off my ass then let it/them go.

only smells if I’ve eaten bread, then it’s like something died up there!

Your previous bike most likely. :smiley:

i fart all the time when riding plus ive been told gives me extra bhp ifi fart whilst riding lol

I like brussel sprout and chutney kebabs… so I don’t really have a lot of choice! :doze: