Do traffic cops have nothing better to do?

People often ask me if Traffic cops have nothing better to do than nick bikers for speed or smal number plates. Well, this may address some of those points.

In the last 12 months in my oold force, traffic Police (sorry, Roads Policing officers) were intrumental in making 268 arrests across Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

Were involved in the recovery of stolen vehicles across the Force area worth over £230,000.

Removing 194 vehicles from the road for being driven either while uninsured or by an unlicensed driver.

Being involved in the recovery of over £3million worth of class A drugs.

In one stop-check alone recovered £2.5million worth of heroin and cocaine.

Whilst it does not tell the whole story, as they are also dealing all the fatal and serious injury crashes and enforcement, it does show some of the othr aspects of police work that my former colleagues are involved in.

Out of interest do you no the figures that came from random checks due to minor things such as no seatbelt, number plate offences etc?

**Were involved in the recovery of stolen vehicles across the Force area worth over £230,000. /quote]

Surely that must be more? £230,000 / by 3 counties = £76,666 per county so roughly 3 family cars per year per county?

The met police hit that figure with 1 Car alone last year!

They siezed an Uninsured Lamborghini Aventador in East Ham!!

and I bet you those drug prices are on retail price, not wholesale :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I have to say my experience with the Met Police (Bike Police in particular) has been nothing but good. I was pulled over for just over 40 in a 30 with light traffic and good conditions, got told off and sent on my way - seemed fair to me!

About 3 months ago a bike overtook me down the Mall and must have been doing between 70 and 80 then went through Admiralty Arch down the cycle byway and got pulled over by a waiting Policeman. He was ranting as he got off his bike why do I suspect he did not get off so lightly.

LOL!!! :laugh:

No issues with the Met at all. I’ve found the bike police to be superb and discerning in their taste of exhaust notes. Got pulled for MOT/License/Ins checks and he turned a deaf ear to the rather fruity race can on the Triumph and also the straight through system on the BMW H2 next to me. Checked our stats and sent us on our way with a note of keeping the speed down as we can hear you coming… vroom vroooooooom

I have no issues, in fact praise - I was being a bit naughty in a 30 zone once, got pulled over and they could have taken my license off me right then and there but decided a stern warning was enough - and it was.

Well I was pulled over once by the met police when I was trying to do wheelies on my ped in a car park. He stopped me have me a lecture explained that it’s good I’m not doing that on the road but some people don’t like it when they are walking past and all the usual stuff! Also the. He realised my ped was derestricted and he just told me to keep it at 28mph when I see police! He was really nice and the fact that he didn’t fine me and all that actually made me think about it and never did I go there again to attempt wheelies :slight_smile:

i have meet a fair few officers and for the most part they are ok. but for me the few w***** spoil it for the rest.

was waiting for a tax disk holder to come showed the officer the ebay page and said ill get my dad to bring it down right now acted as if he was doing me a favor by just giving me a £60 fine.

getting a vehicle rectification notice for a “faulty exhaust valve” and they filled make and model as Yamaha Fastbike as i had a fast bike magazine sicker on the tank

threatened with pointed and takeing my bike when i was 17 for the placement of my l plate for his coworker to tell him its completely ok to hold a grudge for over a year till he pulled me over again then lie take me to caught and get my licence revoked.

No runs ins with coppers to date :smiley: but I did have one biker copper start to have a mooch over when he saw me stationary (stuck behind a ped who wouldn’t mover over) in traffic with folded wing mirrors, I just quickly unfolded them and he gave me a nod and went by his business, he was fit too sooooo :Whistling:

I reckon Met officers are, on the whole, a pretty fair bunch. They know when ‘a word’ is appropriate and when someone will take their advice on board, and similarly they know when it isn’t. I’ve always thought that it’s because there’s plenty enough crime and idiots running around London to keep them occupied, so ‘creating’ issues isn’t really required.

Other police forces around the country aren’t always quite so professional… Anyone who’s watched the recent Coppers programme on Channel 4 will know just how unprofessional and antagonistic many of them can be. My sister was a ‘Special Constable’ for the best part of a year a few years back. She did it while there was a freeze on general recruitment, and thought it would be good experience to have for when they opened up recruitment again and she could apply for a proper job with them. Her experience as a Special put her right off it as a permanent job… said half of the PCs were idiots who just went out looking to create situations were there were none.

When Met officers congregate at a café, parking their cars outside for ages while they are eating in there, are they on an official break or are they skiving? We wanted to know this last week so just thought we’d ask here.

Not to mention impounding 100% legal motorbikes and charging you £310 to get them out of the pound.

Since when are folded mirrors a problem? Technically, according to UK law, motorbikes don’t need mirrors, as far as I can see (having just checked)…

nop we do not need mirrors. but sometimes its less hassel to just have one even if you can just see you gut and nothing else it helps them somehow

"Being involved in the recovery of over £3million worth of class A drugs.

In one stop-check alone recovered £2.5million worth of heroin and cocaine."

so 1 was 2.5 million, I reckon there was prob no more than 2 more going by them figures, lol

Nope, not even required for MOT, but I reckon the copper would have had words with me about safety etc. A guy I knew who used to ride was once pulleda over and issued a fine…though this was going back YEARS

Police… Lovely bunch and used to pull me over a lot.

32 in a 30.
Copper stopped in a yellow box (unmarked) so I went around.
Tinted visor.

Not stopping me for a wheelie over london bridge… Just those above. Think it’s just to fill the quota. Every time I’ve been let off, luckily.

The long hair and being female helps a fair bit I suppose.