Do they try to ruin everything?


if they dont like it,(christmas that is ) feck of some where else to live where they dont celebrate it.



Daily Mail :hehe: they probably created the poster themselves in order to be able to write about it :laugh:

The vicious mooslim bastards will be telling us Father Christmas doesn’t exist next! :smiley:

I agree. So are the people who read that rubbish.

Don’t get angry, get even is the best response to these sort of attacks IMHO.

A bunch of Islamist idiots put out some obvious bait to make you angry/provoke a riot and you take it.When the idiots see that you are angry or that the EDL turned up on que to start a riot they rub their hands chuckling to themselves ‘job done’.

Can you not see that this is a stupid game set up by idiots (Islamists) that is given wider publicity by journalists with a broader financial (to sell papers) and right wing agenda (the Daily Mail) and is specifically designed by the Islamist idiots to provoke other idiots (Far Right) into a ruck?

The ultimate goal of the Islamist and Far Right idiot section of our society - is to destabilise society through provocation in order to suck us all into their immature idiotic world view.

The worst thing that could happen to the [email protected] that put these posters up is that everyone ignores them.

They will probably all be out on the streets come Xmas day burning Christmas Tree Tinsel!,ha.

Seriously with all the burning of flags, etc they do… im thinking are they the cause of Global Warming?!

+1, very wise words from Mr NJ. Fail to heed them at your peril, people.

I’ve missed you NJ :slight_smile:

Ive missed him too…good too have ya back NJ;)


Thanks fellas! Not often I get compliments! Merry xmas :smiley:

Edited because my first reply made me sound like a soft [email protected] ! :smiley:

:w00t: “Raves” ???

*Hahahaha! *

Their list sounds like my dating profile.

Well said mate.You can’t generalise in this world, especially with Race/Religion.There is always going to be haters for everything.EDL is full of thick racists who are probably on the minimum wage for the last 20 years.:slight_smile:

its a shame that all the people of this world cant all get along together,peace and love everyone.:slight_smile:

true, but imagine everyone being nice and getting on?the world would stop spinning!:slight_smile:

I think that most do, but that’s never going to make headlines.:slight_smile:

It might happen but it would take the mass murder of politicians, media magnets, and lawyers to get there. :smiley: