do they make you laugh???

so when im on form do my threads make you laugh or do they offend ya???

because apperentley to some members im offensive but they dont say nothing to me???

personnely i laugh at my stuff, Gingers thread for one 6 pages of jokes at his expense i dont see him crying

well i for one don’t find ya offensive flatster - anyone that knows ya will know that you don’t mean things offensivly, after all if you can’t laugh at yourself, what can you laugh at

so yes flats, you make me laugh and no i don’t take offense

If they don’t say anything to you, their objections don’t count.

Aye, ya funny

true, but when they go crawling to the mods it seems there opinion does

im off to work now think ill have a good read when i get home

it depends who you’re flirting with! :wink: Chill out dude.

When I see that pert bottom in the avatar, I know I’m going to have something to laugh at.

There are other posters whose posts are much more offensive than yours. (Haven’t seen any bums quite as good though…)

'Salright Loopy, I’m not on the steal - wouldn’t dare! - but is window-shopping ok?

Hmmmmmm… yeah windows shoppings ok CM i love looking at Flat’s pert bottom, on or off the avatar

…& Flat’s when ever i read ya posts they always make me smile & laugh, dont ever change

Oh behave ! you are so funny ! I love reading your threads !

Ann x

Yes you are very offensive flatout. You make kittens and baby jesus cry with you risque comments. You are a very bad man.

Funny f*cker though…

Si, really. Do you need to get a circle of friends around you?

Everyone - there has recently been a few complaints to the Mod team about various issues on the forum.

Harsh language is a recurring complaint and it is something that we see as a serious one. is meant to be work safe (adult’s section apart) and reasonably child friendly. We accept that the majority of regular contributors are adults but not all the viewers and guests are guaranteed to be. So we have a word filter and the mod team will continue to mask words that are not suitable.

Blanking out one character from a harsh word is not enough either. The word can be read as if it were intact and will likely be edited. Persistant offenders, no matter how popular, will be told to pack it in.

Personally, I do not accept that people need to swear. Expand your vocabulary and/or calm down before you post. Ranting and raving in a thread rarely looks good and your posts always say something about the author remember. But I also understand that you are who you are and maybe unwilling to change. So we have to reach a compromise - the one above.

Personal attacks are another subject that we will take seriously. So don’t get personal on here. Say it to their face eh?

There is no personal vendetta nor over-riding desire for the Mod Team to flex it’s power. If it feels like it to you sometimes then we are doing things wrong and will accept the criticism.

And for goodness’ sake someone throw a blanket over that avatar

Yup I went to a mod cause your funny most of the time but you have a problem with learning when to stop and taking it too far sometimes. I went to a mod because even when asked to tone it down you dont and you carry on and on hence you taking it over the top. Learn when to stop and your fine mate simple as.

[puts on tin hat and retires to a safe distance]

Well it’s left Matt speechless!

Which is a novelty in itself !

yes yes yes! okay so I used ‘illegal HTML’ so it didn’t appear - fixed now :slight_smile: Running away again now.


You naughty boy! Illegal indeed wheres porkie when ya need him!

Are the aliens after you?

flats offensive?

u couldnt be offensive if u tried ya ballax