Do these exist?

Anybody know of an end can I can put onto my NTV600 (89)? I know that sounds ridiculous but it rattles quite a bit and I thought a noisier can would cover it up. Will any slip on do? How much do they cost to fit? Never changed the end can on any bike I’ve owned.

Drill a 10mm hole in the downpipe.:slight_smile:

Seems like motad do one -

the whole system

Just the end can

Aren’t Motad just a direct replacement albeit stainless steel? Probably not the sound I’m looking for…

Hi, maybe this fits.


THey might have a removeable baffle, but dont know for sure.

Looks like you might have to go bespoke, try these guys, I haven’t any experience with them, but they can probably help you out:

Hmmm…was hoping to get some idea of which one I could buy with a dent in it for a tenner on ebay…

Oh, sorry mate… dunno, but maybe take the old one off and measure the link pipe diameter and then have a hunt around…?