Do Scooterists hate us as much as we hate (most of )them?

I doubt it.

In the main they seem bleedin oblivious.

So…if you ride a ped and a bike does that lead to both sides of your personality hating each other?

I don’t hate or think less of scooter riders generally!

However I loathe scooter riders (and also bike riders, car drivers, van drivers, Taxi drivers, lorry drivers cyclists and predestrians) who do stupid things that cause me harm or inconvenience in the same way that they hate me if I do the same to them!


There is more camaraderie between bikers that’s all. Scooterst (huge generalisation here) done have that.

For bikers it seems to be the passion that transcends metaphysical boundaries… shall I stop now?

OOOh no Mo, go on…I’m sure all the Scooterists are out there right now asking themselves some deep and meaningful questions about their characters like…

Does Argos Bling go with retro Addidas or is that just TOOO much cool even for me to carry off?

I don’t suppose anyone here has considered that we are actually forgiven for having this anti-scooter vibe. See…we’re BIKERS (aka Rockers). The hard core, who live for speed and girls and partying…

They are Scooterists (aka MODS) and are interested in their image and their appearance and although we as BIKERS/ROCKERS can look good, they still can’t go fast.

love it tobz

im also a scooter rider and dont hate any of ya, but im a biker at heart

WE don’t hate you either Westie, we don’t hate “Scooterists” at all, we’re just living out the same thing as Tottenham fans who hate those sad Arsenal hangers-on () or Rossi fans who can’t stand Giberneau’s mates, or Bikers who don’t like Cagers or the English who are opposed to the French just cos they’re French.

Its tribalism at its best, and luckily for us, we’re “bikers”…the best tribe going!

PMSL Toby … Yer right too!

"Its tribalism at its best, and luckily for us, we’re “bikers”…the best tribe going! "

I’ll second that!!!

Umm…well actually yes…as some of you know I commute mainly on me scoot, and I have to admit I get more ****ed off on the scoot because of twatish bike riders than I do when I’m on the Buell (mainly as they hear me coming from 50 miles away)

Just because i’m on a scoot why do most bike riders feel its below them to move over and let me pass…even when i’m sat up their backside for the whole length of my commute. If a quicker biker comes up behind me I move over and wave them through with my foot or hand…yet on the scoot I have to sit their while some chump on a bike he cant ride struggles to get through a gap a Goldwing would get through…manners man.

So…if you ride a ped and a bike does that lead to both sides of your personality hating each other?

In a funny way Mac…Yes!

In the same way that If you could clone my boss and put him in a room with his clone … within 20 minutes one of them would have been murdered by the other.

( yes my Boss is that big a pain in the arse he couldn’t STAND himself )

quite right too - manners… still hate the little ****es though :wink: Some people are exempt of course!

I think it’s just a matter of being polite to whoever is on the rode no matter what they’re riding - except cyclists - they are first against the wall when the revolution comes.

Toby and I nearly had a little barmy with a scoot last night - he was lucky the lights changed.


Please don’t forget that it was a scooterist that helped Keti after her accident, and he is member of this forum.

nice guys too :slight_smile: I read his blog here

not all scoot riders are bad .

Dont knock scooter riders, at least they are on two wheels and not in cages. I am on the look out for a scooter as I want to film a short piece entitled runnning board grinding, if any one wants to donate their scoot for this project I can guarentee top billing on you tube and that thier scooter will be considerably lighter and highly customised afterwards. I cant however promise it will be road legal.

Toby I think your post was so spot on you deserve the Triang Spot-on prize.

well i dislike cyclists more than scooterist, they never look before they pull in to the road. generaly as macp states i dislike any other for of transport that causes me a problem.

I think that a lot of the general impression people have of scooter riders comes down to the few that ride em like loonies. Same with bikers. Bad impressions make a bigger impression.

… have to say I fell foul of doing the generalisations thing myself until I realised that “scooterists are people too”

Maybe we should make up some t-shirts…like “A Scooterist is for life, not just Christmas!”

And “Scooterists are people too!”

I’m of the same view scooter/peds are very good way of getting around town, idiot road users are a waste of valuable space what every mode of transport they use but rickshaws are just a waste of space period, them and the current administration oh and celebrity reality shows best stop there before I get my soap box out.