Do politicians ever lie?

I’m not usually politically minded, but recently I was making some food and have the TV on in the kitchen, a program came on with some animations of politicians faces etc and I thought nothing of it as I was busy cooking. It kept catching my eye, so I finally turned up the sound and sat there for the rest of the hour watching this very interesting, oddball documentary about politicians and how they routinely ‘say things other than the truth’ and very often are not properly punished even though they are supposed to be accountable to the public (their employers).

Check out for more information about a bill that would make it a crime for a politician to knowingly mislead the public.

I was in the chamber today when the bill got presented - it is under a procedure that guarantees no time so won’t progress. Not a bad idea though. To be honest though, all they need do is apply the principle that always applied up until the 1980’s - until then MPs and Ministers routinely resigned when found to be dishonest.

We cant handle the truth and the general public are so nieve about the way of the world that the truth would never work…what we want is clear guidelines…we want a government that sets out its plan carefully and with the right issues in mind…that does not try to manipulate the truth for its own ends ie statistics…or about fundamental things like why we go to war…

Some truths are important some are not. We need stability and after 11 years this government has still not given us that…Blair was a hollywood star not a politician.

We need a planning process that allows faster cheaper development rather than allowing only those comapnies that pay enough underhand money…and yes it does go on…local government should be scrapped…reduce council taxes. Bus routes removed. All minority rights groups funded by their own money not coucil tax money.

Oh I have started now… sorry…its not just the senior polititicans its all the local ones that cause the most trouble to you and me.

Well, you know the old saying…How can you tell when a politician isn’t telling the truth?

You can see his lips moving.

Well, the local ones have more tangible (to you and me) effects over the decisions that their higher paid, more empowered colleagues make. But at all levels you can make a difference, however small.

I’m not well enough established/ respected on this forum to dare ask if people actually voted at the last general election, so I won’t.
(how’s that for a bit of politicianese, reverse questioning!)