Do Michelin PR's puncture more?

From all the bike groups and forums I visit it seems to me the majority of punctures come from michelin pilot road tyres. Not sure if it’s simply because more people run those than any other type of tyre.
Would anyone agree? Would be handy if I could attach a poll to this post I guess.

Too many determine.

Could be that they sell more as you say
Or could be that people with those tyres are those doing more miles than say the supercorsas
Could be that the profile of riding is different (town Vs country lane)

So a poll here wouldn’t answer your question. The only way to answer this is testing to see if they are more susceptible to punctures…

I know from being on car forums for too many years that whenever the tyre question comes up, someone will say something like: “brand X is brilliant, best tyre I’ve used, it’s transformed the car” to be quickly followed by loads posts like: “they’re a heap of sh!t, worst tyre I ever had”.

No one ever seems to be able to agree on any characteristic of a tyre - apart from perhaps its price.

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Had two punctures in my Mich Road 5 tyre within 2-3 months of having it fitted. So, clearly super susceptible to punctures, what more evidence do you need?!


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In the last 5 years I’ve used Bridgestones and Pilot Road 4s and had punctures with both brands at around the same rate, i.e. around 1 per 20,000 miles.

I think I can consider myself an expert in this field!

I have had one Tyre written off after only 1500 miles due to the amount of punctures, one which only just made it to the wear lines (another puncture would have written that one off).

The problem you have here is the compounds are softer which give it the grip, as a result will pick up more punctures.

Equally as Serrisan says so many caveats to this.

I’ve still bought them though, if I get to a point where it is not financially viable I will then look to move on. (this would be having to replace long before the wear lines, and on a regular basis)

I used PR3 & 4 for a few years - I once had 3 punctures in as many months and then went over a year without another one - it’s mostly down to luck I reckon.

I recall just three punctures on rideouts, all running on PR3’s and more they all had Castrol Power 1 engine oil too.

For the last 100,000 miles I’ve run on Dunlop Road Runners & Castrol Power 1 (70,000 miles, one puncture) and Bridgestone BT023’s & Motul 5000 (30,000 miles,nil punctures). As crazy as it sounds I think its has something to do with the Castrol Power 1 engine oil!

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Actually now you mention it! when the shop do mine they use cheap oil, but I also put Castrol Power 1 in my bike and about that time the punctures stopped I think NT is on to something

Well that’s pretty surprising, but as the old saying goes, correlation does not necessarily equal causation.


I know a AA mechanic and he did say that he attended more punctures with PR’s than any other when I bought PR5’s awhile ago.

In the last 8 years I have had 3 punctures. All within 7 days in Scotland last year. Bar the OEM tyres I’ve run Michelin PR3, and PR4s except for the the tyre that got the holes, that was a Metzler Roadtec 01.

If anything this just adds one more potential variable to the above, the link between Michelin (a premium tyre) and AA membership (or just roadside assistance).

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