Do i really!?

it keeps happening!

i keep getting told i could do well as a guy martin lookalike! lol

it all started when i grew my barnet in tribute to simmo#58…now i look liek a cross between two! lol

wotch rekon!?

unkept and hard to understand? can’t be you mate :wink:

You look a little different from when I last saw you Rats old chuck:D But there is a kind of resemblance and yes, you may have a career as a lookalike. I like the dreamy expression as well, so keep it up:)

Just need more face fuzz n sideburns like Guys , lol :slight_smile:

you do look like him, go for it!

i’d be honoured if i were you. :slight_smile:

His face is a bit chubbier - eat a few more pies:D

Do you drink enough tea ?

And wank enough?

Send your photos to an agency and see what comes up. It’d be easy money.

yup when the missus is not around;)

more than enough!

[email protected] JB & HELS & JETSTREAMS

we are also both as mad as a box of frogs:P:w00t:…i’m quick on a bike but im not as quick as guy…YET!:smiley:

i get alot of comments from customers about looking like him, its quite amusing!

Uncanny resemblance…if you stick a bit more Motul in your hair, lose the DA and get a nose job you’ll be virtually indistinguishable… :wink:

i 'ate greasy hair tho! lol nosejob…cheeky ******! its been broken ok!! :laugh::smiley:

wtf is a DA!?

And when you cut it off you’ll be steptoe


still better than looking liek you!..and riding a gixxa:D:laugh:

hows ya reg/recs going?:crazy:

There is a small resemblance, yes!

i have a advantage…drink lots of tea and wank :rolleyes: pretty quick on a bike and my names guy :stuck_out_tongue:

just had a shave and a haircut tho :pinch:

‘Ducks Arse’…it’s an old-fashioned term for a potential mullet :slight_smile:

Call that a broken nose? …but fair do’s mines broken too and yeah I’d look just like Steve McQueen if it wasn’t :wink:

Your like his ugly, down syndrome twin…

Thats uncanny!
Also, how cool was TT3D?!