Do I claim? Or what should I do?

I came to a mini roundabout (at about 20/25 mph) and a car from my right (he had right of way) came into the mini roundabout at a quite a fast speed, so I took action on my new bike (3 month old Triumph Street Triple) and braked (at that speed on a dry road, I should have performed a stoppy). Well, I skidded and came off, not hitting anything or anyone except the road :frowning:

Luckily I just got a bruised thumb nail (all the right kit). I got the details of the car driver, but on reflection and inspection I saw I had braked on a white painted triangle which was slightly wet and had diesel and oil patches. It was slippery.

Now the damage on my bike (totally gutted) quoted from my Triumph dealer is £1,285 (radiator, etc.). I can pay for this, but do I claim from ebike insurance? I have 5 years no claim bonus to lose.

Any advice & help is welcomed.

first of all very sorry to hear about your crash.

I would not claim reason being i have 0 ncb and my friend has 5 years we both had a 55 R1 (identical bike and we are the same age) his insurance was £250 my insurance was £900 . You need to look at how much your gonna have to pay to get your ncb up to 5 years again.

plus im sure you have a excess so your losing 5 years ncb for the sake of like £1000 and next years insurance will be higher as well because you have claimed. Its not worth it for £1000.

Just my opinion :smiley:

In agreement with K7Assasin on this one. Its a trade-off between how much you gain by claiming and how much you lose.(increased premium next year, loss of NCB etc)
Having a high excess keeps your premium low in the first place but then in a situation like yours it doesn’t help. I’m sure your NCB is worth more than what you would gain from claiming so be sure to look into this.

This is one of those “footballer” moments.

If you had enough money, you’d hire an expert to prove that the local council had used the wrong paint, failed to clean up the deisel drips and anyway, the sign was two inches out of line for the junction layout. You would of course win and get compensation. Part of which, you’d pay yourself as a local resident.

But that’s not so daft as it may seem. White road paint is notoriously slippery when wet, deisel add to that in spades.

Were the road markings absolutely legal? The DoT requirements are very precise. Might be worth following up having sent a letter to the local highway authority to establish a claim.

Meanwhile; get it fixed? My insurance went up 50% folowing a theft and claim. What’s the cheaper option for you?

As above I’d say take it on the chin and pay up yourself otherwise it will cost you more in the long run with the loss of your NCB, don’t forget you also have to notify your car insurer (if you have one) that you have made an insurance claim for an accident.

But I would contact someone like White Dalton or any other specialist bike solicitors to see if there is anything you can do to claim from the local council.

is your no claims bonus protected? some companies offer the chance to protect it at the begining of the 4th year…

yup check if you got protected ncb and go back and see if the diesel spill is only on the white lines or for a longer distance, might help in a claim from council

As far as i know if you’re with E-bike if you have 4 or more years NCB you automatically get it protected for no extra charge, I know mine is, so check your policy details, you should only have to pay your agreed excess.

Glad to hear that you are ok.

I have had this arguement before…does the car driver have right of way because he is approaching the roundabout at speed…or does he have to be at the roundabout?

As I understand it, you give way to the right when at the roundabout.
Not attempting to guess some cagers speed and realising he isn’t going to stop. AFAIK, you were entitled to be going round because you were AT/ON the roundabout. (Obviously not that I would want to ‘argue’ with a car)


Sorry to hear about your off, but glad you’re okay.

In order to claim off the Council, you will need to prove negligence on their part. Unless you can clearly establish this, you will be unlikely to succeed. I used to work for a council.

Sorry about the off mate.

I would get a second or third quote on the damage - main dealers are always going to charge top whack. If you feel confident see if you can source the parts and do it yourself - will bring the cost down a lot and save your NCB.

now I could be wrong but a girl I used to go out with, made a claim and only lost 2 year of the no claims (check this 1st of course) but you may only lose 2.

Basically I think it is a case of you have learnt a very expensive lesson here.

I dropped my bike at a roundabout, but was only worth £800 and the repairs cost me about £50. but I have not done it since.

it is a pain but as long as you learn from this you will never have this again.

Also if you go throug your insurance this will go down on a database so your bike WILL lose value as well as all the other expenditure.

Yes two years is the standard for cars & bikes with any insurer I’ve ever been with. Your dealer now knows about the damage and wants the job to keep your warranty hence the high quote.

Get someone else to get it back to M.O.T standard and work on it slowly via what you can do yourself ebay and so on, keeping all paperwork if you want it done on the cheap. It’s early days tho for battle scars on a new bike. So paying a garage to do the work seems the best option if you want it back to original QAP.