Do French motorways have a speed limit?

Christmas Day and the road from Rouen to Calais (A16) was totally empty.
Long, nice, straight, empty road…
No junctions, or bridges…
Gendarmes all at home (hopefully)…
No other traffic in either direction…
What would you do?!

It’s a naked bike, so it was v blustery, but the speedo said 1**mph before I bottled it. And I think it might have a tiny bit more.

But friends now tell me that I might be seriously nicked. Is this likely? It wasn’t a toll road, so I wasn’t being timed (that I know of). No one saw me. Am I dead?

They were not very happy when they caught Lewis Hamilton recently and he was only doing 120mph and the speed limit on the motorways are 80mph. He was banned for a month. Not sure if this took effect immediately or they took his vehicle:w00t:

Lovely roads in France though and I would have done exactly the same as you…perhaps a wee bit faster though.:wink:

I found out they did when a few of us went over there for the first time and got nicked for speeding, they recon we did an average of 120mph.

pack your bags :pinch: you’ll be in a french prison camp making wine by monday morning:laugh:you should be ok m8 but dont do it again

Ok, ok, I’m truly sorry. Silly Lewis shouldn’t have been caught.

If I ever try it again (which of course I wouldn’t :D) I’d love a bike with a fairing. Naked biking is just too much over 100.

Speed limit is variable on most French motorways 130km/h in the dry, 110km/h when it rains.
If you’d be banned, I believe you’d be banned from driving in France only.
My dad got a 2 week ban for doing 90 in a 60 zone years ago.

Stick with the naked mate. I find I have to hit 180! to get the same buzz :smiley: :wink:

Les Flic are not above frog marching you to the nearest cash machine and emptying your bank account. If caught on camera, the UK are one of the few Governments to share registration number data with foreign traffic enforcement authorities.

It does depend on what Department you are in - check on the Interweb where ‘Les Radars’ are. Also the local Police (especially the bike divisions) are very hot on speeding. There is no ‘biker’s bonus’ as might be up to discretion here. That said, off the Autoroutes the roads are brilliant and everyone goes at a sensible speed for the conditions - which might possibly be a tad or many above the 90kph that is NSL on those roads.

m4rt1n (04/01/2008)

Christmas Day and the road from Rouen to Calais (A16) was totally empty.
Long, nice, straight, empty road…
No junctions, or bridges…
Gendarmes all at home (hopefully)…
No other traffic in either direction…
What would you do?!

I’d be trying to find out if the top speed of my bike is what yamaha say it is!!! ;o)

I know that thiss is true of italy. Got from the horses mouth as was teaching the cops out there English and we were having a good laugh about it!!!:w00t:

If you stop for they confiscate your bike till you pay up - if you dont stop - there aint nout they can do!

Surely you have to stop. Is this correct Alice, and is this France or Italy you are reffering to? I know that the French have recently gone all hard nose about speeding and can confiscate your bike/car in extreme cases but are you saying that in France if you don’t actually pull over they can’t forcedly stop you. You’d have to stop eventually and then they would really kick your arse. Also do the Italians have the same deal with the UK with registration details and fines being followed up in the UK. Is this correct? You appear to be the font of all knowledge regarding Italy and rather cosy with the Polizia so, as that is where my bike trip is next year I feel I might have to pick your brains over the coming months. Steve

Have decided to edit my first entry and remove the top speed.
Call me a coward, but I think I’m tempting fate by writing it in a public forum.

Actually, I’ve just seen that video on YouTube where the ‘young chaps’ in Liverpool are filming themselves in a Jag at over 130mph… and now our law enforcement officers are now trying to track them down. I sat here, sniggering at the foolishness of the Liverpool lads and then realised that I’d advertised my own ‘flexible’ approach to speed limits. Doh!

Have never met an unfriendly UK law enforcement officer, especially on a bike, and would like to keep it that way! Now, I’m off to register on a BikeSafe course…

OK, obviously you are meant to stop. The conversation was in jest - suggesting that you slow like you are gonna stop and then open the throttle and burn off before they can catch up with ya and you dont get niked then youre fine. Obviously if you do then decide to stop 10km down the road as they chase your sorry arse you may find yourself in a spot of bother!!In all seriousness though, they assured me that unless you stop, there is nothing they can do regarding your speed! Cameras, speed trraps etc etc are redundant. Now they did scare me shitless my mentioning interpol (!) but also reminded me that the italian police are inherently lazy and the chances of them doin all that paper work in order to nick you for speeding is ridiculous!Must reiterate that this is only from the Italian police - i am not sure about the rest of Europe, so it may be worth checking but suffice to sayi am havin a lovely time in italy :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking from personal experience driving and riding from Calais to Almeria, to get the ferry to Morocco. Apart from looking out for police and cameras and taking necessarily action. I manage to make very good progress!!!:wink: and never had problems with the police.

Hmmm, lots of bugs splattered over your visor!

Stop it :slight_smile: