Do cyclists realy think this?

Going home last night, filtering, on the outsidde of the traffic, upto some lights on the Pentonville Road, when out from the traffic pops a cyclist without looking.
I give him a blast on the horn, crosses the road to the outher side ranting and screaming, that he is on a push bike and it’s his right of way.

I called the deluded twat a naughty name an let him carry on screaming at me from the safty of the opposite pavement.:crazy:

I would like the pleasure of meeting MR Borris Johnson… …so I can slap him in his silly face for allowing untrained cyclists on the roads.

The fat twat…

P.s the wife and father in law are cycle coaches, so you can imagine the Sunday Dinner conversations!

Personally, you knocked it on the head - DELUDED - bicyclists do have a warped sence of a) road reality and b) self preservation. I nearly took three out on Saturday as they were riding side by side down a narrow country lane - they got rather upset when I reminded them of Highway code (by the way it’s rule 66 “Never ride more than two abreast and ride in single file on narrow or busy roads ans when riding round bends”)

There’s a difference between cyclists and pedalphiles.

Cyclists are people who ride a bicycle safely and with respect for other users. Pedalphiles are the morons who jump reds, make turns without indicating or performing shoulder checks and generally blame everyone else for every close call that they have.

I hate pedalphiles.

When you are commuting in central London you are often tense and avoiding close calls every two minutes, so when our paths cross with cyclists (who are feeling the same as us) our collective moods are not best placed for civil and courteous conduct - this is combined with the fact that usually bikers and cyclists are contesting the same bits of road space and gaps in the traffic - which would be fine if there wasn’t such a disparity in speed and acceleration.

It’s amazing how in peaceful and quiet surroundings you can resolve not to get into any aggro on your commute - but the minute you are in that dangerous sh1t-storm that is central London rush hour it all goes out of the window and you are getting the red mist after you have been cut up or u-turned on for the tenth time in 20 minutes.

These days I just lower my speed a bit, accept that that is just how it is and try and cruise through it all, rather than actively barging my way through…

The cycle rickshaws that operate in Soho/picadilly etc really get on my t1ts - who thought they would be a good idea? Fair enough they operate in a small area - but they still seem a strange thing to introduce to central London.

unfortunatly works both ways as well, was cycling home the other night going round a roundabout car pulls onto the same piece of road as me then has a go saying he is in a a car and has right of way.

so think it is most walks of life I recon

Can’t agree. Needing your total concentration, and forward planning? Yes. Stressful and avoiding close calls? No. I just laugh at the fact that they are going to end up as worm food in the not too distant future. Cruel as it may seem. I have never yet seen a cyclist riding defensively. They are far too preoccupied with the fact that they are always right, and everyone else is wrong. Especially those that get onto the news to whinge about lorries not seeing them. At what point did it become sensible to filter up the left hand side of a vehicle turning left? They may well be ‘right’ in terms of road traffic law (not saying they are) but I would much rather defer to bigger things, get violated but live to whinge on here than for my estate to be proved right at Coroners Court.

Simples, right of way is a legal point to apportion blame after an accident. We can’t afford accidents, the consequences are too devastating, either in terms of life changing or life terminating. Edit A lot of Cyclists don’t seem to get that.

no common sense needed, just a retarded major of london.

they are backed up by the fact that they ride a ‘green’ vehicle, thats why they think they are always in the right.

the only ones who ride properly are the ones who also ride or drive vehicles, so they actually understand the rules of traffic.

Please read up on this. You do know that in other motoring forums people just go on about motorcyclists being dangerous suicidal idiots. There really aren’t that many dangerous cyclists on the road. Get over it!

its not a case of untrained, most of them are drivers etc… I think they should be made to have mirrors on their bars, and some form of ID maybe on a dayglo vest? bit like our numberplate system… at least that way when they cause an accident, they can be reported, insurance wouldn’t be a bad idea either, they’ve nothing to worry about if they are good riders.