do bikes pay congestion charge?

Planning to go into London and I’m sure I heard that bikes do not pay.

I have a 125cc.

Is this true?


Just watch out where you stop - parking is chargeable in some boroughs.

Fantastically, bikes do not pay the C-Charge, which is fantastic since it keeps getting more and more expensive!

umm one says other says noo… who to belive


thanks guys

Janus replied Yes to your question is this true that we dont pay the C-Charge, so both replies confirmed that we dont pay the c-charge.

not yet any way i wonder how long it is before they try to charge bikes graaaa:crazy:

They would have to turn round all the cameras so they are not front facing first!

Anyway, Westminster has done the job for them - there are far fewer bikes going into central London than there were before they started charging for parking.

Sorry… misread.

Thanks Trisckie…

Thank you Trisckie - glad to see someone’s paying attention.

Ha Ha… makes a change for it to be me :stuck_out_tongue:

And we can use the bus lanes on red routes (plus others where the signs say so). Thanks Boris!

But not ALL red routes so do check signage!!! :slight_smile: