DIY servicing

I think that I would have it done at the dealers under warranty. Outside of warranty it down to choice.

I’d would like to do it, but never had the time or the facilities to do it myself. It’s easy to take it to the dealers and get a loan bike for the day or test ride a bike when they are servicing yours.

Plus some things require specialist tools to work on. It’s more likely to be something that you would never have to touch, but there is always the possibility.

+1 :cool:

Spot on, current bike (zx9) on 48K purchased with 30K, last bike (thunderace) 90K purchased with 24K and bike before that (ZZR1100) 110K purchased with 18K.

Regular maintnenance was just oil & filter changes at home. And regular cleaning & lubing of everything else.

None of the old bikes died through engine failure, they both suffered with loom cracking and it was easier/cheaper to pick up another high milage bike and scrap them.

Other things that needed sorting in all those miles was brakes, bearings chain & sprockets in the case of the thunderarse, an exup valve.

They’re tougher than most people think.

I service my bike myself and only take it to the independent specialist for stuff that I cannot do myself (valves/shims). Everything else is actually straight forward to do.

I keep a clear Excel Spreadsheet of mileage, fuel consumption, oil changes, C&S changes etc… much easier to cost and track what is happening on the bike then.

A stamped up Service Book aint worth sh!t IMO:w00t:

If a seller hasn’t got the reciepts to go with the stamps it’s a waste of paper.

A couple of years ago I was thinking of buying a 916 but was in a quandry as it had no service history. I was contacted by someone o LB who offered to sell me a stamped up Ducati service book. :w00t:

That showed me what a waste of trees they are;):smiley:

Agreed, FSH with receipts to prove are a good start.