Hey, thinking of getting some winter gloves and wondering if any shops give discount to LondonBikers???

Got to look after the pennies these days.

rex judd west hampstead do 10-15% discount and they are very helpful. they won’t sell you the most expensive gloves just for the hell of it. ask for alex or john

Thanks Viggen.

+1 I got my Alpine Stars Jet Road Gortex from them for a great price :slight_smile:

Thanks Shewoolf. Those are the ones I’m thinking of getting. Are they nice and toastie???

Helmet city just outside biggin hill should do you a deal.

Helmet City?

Don’t know them, go to Bats as fairly local to me. How did I miss that then. What a muppet I am.


not a great lover of bats, I think they are very over priced…

look them up on google, cannot remember the name of the place there in, but literally 15 mins away from bats though, top notch guys in there as well…

They never tried to sell me the most expensive item just what I wanted, I will defo be going back when I need a new lid or equipment.

They’ve never let any water in and they’re the warmest I’ve found so far!