Discount @ FWR tyre shop?

Do we as londonbikers get a discount at the mentioned shop???


Only if you get a load of peeps, they are the cheapest tyres in london fitted…

Drool over the Desmosidici there…

bob collins is racing again I think this weekend.

the Desmo was Daves.

Shame about him - seemed like a really solid guy.

Thats the way life is. Hope FWR stays open tho without Dave.

Spill the beans then boys - what did he do? Run off with the till or something???

crashed his bike into a barrier and died.

Oh very sorry to hear this. RIP Dave.

Dave was sadly killed in a road accident a few months ago. The shops been kept running since and I doubt it will be going anywhere (meaning not closed) in the near future.

Dave was a lovely guy, the last time we spoke was at Portimao last November, he could see my laptop wouldn’t connect so offered me his internet ticket he had got.

Dave was a legend.

There’s so many cool stories about him I could tell ya.

Was Dave the dark-skinned guy who sat in reception?

Dave was the big fella with a nice sun tan from living abroad :smiley:

Actually going through my bookmarks, here is a site dedicated to him.

Sorry to hear this. Dave was a really nice guy. Even when he failed to mend my puncture he still laughed about his lack of skill the next day and did me a great deal on a new tyre.