Discount at halfords

Went down to Aldi to get some food … Nipped across the road to halfords for some consumables and bits … Got to the checkout … " Is that bike stuff sir " she asked … I said " well that stuff there is " I will ring it up seperatley you get 20% discount on that " she says ." Ooo good … whys that ? " I asked … " You have a cheeky smile " She says . " Good enough for me, discount away " I says .

So Anyone else with the appropriate face should get themself down to halfords for the "cheekysmile 20% discount :smiley:

didnt get you a discount on the burger and peas did it


Peas in a burger … She was obviously insane :crazy::smiley:

ha ha love it :slight_smile:

hahaa nice one man

It makes it nice when no VAT :slight_smile: Just a pity it not on tools :frowning:

dont u have a trade card im sure my one works on tools =/

No!!! I was only bloody told about that the other day !!! I did not know know they even had a trade card !!! People they fill yer head with way more **** than they ever give useful advice … People are wankers :P:D I must get that .

haha i got mine throw my college so not sure how to get one 100% but its awesome get £14 2 stroke oil for a tenner get spark plugs for £1.35 got a car battery that should of been 70 for 40 and u get 2 receipts one with the original price and one with your price so u can charge customers full price and pocket the rest haha XD

Yeah I’ve heard they do a sympathy discount for ugly basterds :smiley:

Surely you could have mentioned that you have a KTM? They’d probably understand why you need all those tools and give you a discount :smiley:

Blimey! If that had been me they would have been paying me for the items! :smiley:

Try Greggs, and if it works, be sure to let us know :smiley:

You’re a knob mate.

Trade markup Davori, it’s pretty standard stuff…

im a knob because i get some money in my pocket without the customer knowing ok fine ill tell them and then charge them £25 a hour over the just give me a fiver or a tenner that i normally say .

Just what I was thinking. All mechanics do it but very few admit it.

I can’t believe Ross is even being questioned about it. Every plumber, electrician and Gardener will have their discount suppliers who they buy from and mark up…

Even shops do it when they sell stuff to you. You think the battery costs halfords £70??

But presenting a false receipt to someone, is that not deceitful?

Fair point blue… I’d invoice the customer for materials and keep the receipts perhaps Ross