Disconnecting my battery?????????????????????????/

I know this is probably a stoopid question but how the Hell do I take my battery off WITHOUT the Goddamn, Muthafking, btard alarm going off??? :angry:


If its a system4 - turn the ignition on, press both buttons till you hear a Beep (bout 10seconds) then just switch off remove battery, when ready re-connect battery press the grey button - hey presto!!

some alarms you just leave ignition on & disconnect but thats only on some makes

i’ll aggree on the data tool s4. that way saves any settings

if all fails just put your ear plugs in:D

on the alarm i had, spyball ya had 1 button for normal everyday use and t’other was for resetting etc for this reason, have ay not got users guide for alarm?

With my Spyball disconnecting the battery doesn’t set it off (although I’ve only taken it off when the battery has been flat) but reconnecting it does. I just keep the keys ready to switch it straight off - a lesson I learnt after getting deafened :wink:

surely you’d want your alarm to go off it was disconnected from the battery? first thing a dumb thief’d try if he wanted to disarm it…?

regards datatool s4 the previous way mentioned is right. as for any other alarm, service or winter mode should enable disconnection. google a user guide if you haven’t got one

To take the battery off you have to remove the pillion seat and the entire rear fairings… and anyone on the France trip last year knows how long it takes to do that lot :blush: (even when you have the right sized tools and know where all the fixings are). It would be easier to remove the alarm than disconnect the battery, but thinking it about it - should the alarm have a battery back-up that might have been fried when the electrics cooked? :unsure:

I take it you now keep a spare rectifier/regulator with you… :wink:

Nope - heavy duty replacement seems to have done the trick :slight_smile:

I’m delighted you’ve come to agree with the ‘large hammer’ approach. :wink:

ah ok. much easier than that on a hornet. worryingly so :frowning:

mine goes off as soon as the terminal connectors come loose. i’ve got a datatool s4 and that’s got an internal battery back up. would make sense if all of them did really but spose you’d need to refer to your user guide thingy…:slight_smile:

I know it’s easier to get to the battery on a hornet - a kind soul on one let me use their bike as a donor battery to jump start my bike a couple of times on the France trip.