Dis the weirdo

Jigsaw is definitely a weirdo - his posts seem to have disappeared several times today (well done mods for spotting a scammer).

We have invited him to our ride-out tomorrow and we think he must attend or disappear from the face of the earth. If you want to see him cr-p his pants be at the Ace for 10.00am ( moderators please attend):smiley:

This has passed me by.

Any “explanations” available?

Jigsaw is one of our most recent members, whose only posts have been to invite people to play a game for $1000 (Apparantly for charity)… :wink:

Well done mods…

Have they been banned? Seemed to me like they knew people on here or was someone a member who had setup a 2nd profile but I didnt see their whole thread.

See Whistler’s post about this - Jigsaw is a nutter

They sent me a pm to imply that they weren’t a new member, so come on, fess up, who was it?

Can only hope it is a new member…a total nutter in any case:)

Curiouser and curiouser, we promise it was not us (we got spammed too).

Give im sh*t - we did by PM

PS Tiggi - are you coming on our ride-out tomorrow?:slight_smile:

mods check his ip address to any of the last few who have been banned use to get this sort of thing on an RC forum i was on

Yes tiggi, come join us :smiley:

Just some crappy pm about me joining in their “game”

No can do, not very well and I have an appointment at the hairdressers at 1, your magical mystery tour does sound like fun though :smiley:

Those excuses aint good enough, i can cut your hair for you :w00t: and well if your feeling a little ill just fight through it, a bike ride will do you good :smiley:

Haha, what are your hairdressing skills like then? I need a slight trim and a few layers cut in, can you do that for me :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Yeah sure, i can do that with the clippers easily, you’ve seen how good i do mine :smiley:

Hmmm, not really liking the sinead o’connor look but thanks for the offer :wink:

Are you all going back to the Ace after?

I reckon you could pull it off :smiley:

Dont know bout the others but im not cause ive gota get to aldershot

Ah, thanks but I’m still sticking with the proper hairdresser :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

At least give ASBO a try Tiggy :w00t:

Well when they mess it up dont say i never offered :P:D

yep…ive hidden most of the posts…and am on the case…;).

by the ip…they are in london…and thats all the info i can give out at this time…