Dirtbike show

Anyone going to or fancy going to the dirtbike show tomoz? Ive got 2 spare tickets. When we tipped up today they gave us all 2 tickets as aposed to 1 each which we was expecting. If your into your dirtbikes it realy is worth going. Not realy alot for supermoto unless your after a new lid or some body armour. I’ll get the pics up 2moz and a write up. Not got the time now as i wana get the bike sorted so i can go on that tomoz instead of driving up there again. Wana see if i can get some good end of show bargains and its sumat to do while the missus is at work :smiley:

I will get my photos posted tomorrow as well… thanks again for the invite today, was a good day :slight_smile:


Glad you had a good time!

Please submit your photos to the member’s gallery - http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic580660-43-1.aspx, they’ll look much nicer like that!
And we’ll be able to add comments :wink: