Direct Access Scheme

Hello Bikers,

Any suggestions on a good school that runs Direct Access Scheme of course with competitive fees and a good pass rate ?

Advise would help.


I recommend LMRT in Catford/Lower Sydenham. Not sure if that’s anywhere near you…

I’d suggest Get Bike in Northfields, West London.

I used to work there last year. They’ve got good bikes, indoor classrooms and facilities and the instructors are all spot on.

camrider if your up in north london:D

North London motorcycle training in Edgware.

TBH, your just going to get a lot of people telling you to go where they did the training.

Yes, this could be a long list.
I used ThinkBike because they were near me in Kingston and they were nice to deal with and their instructors were good.

Find a good instructor that you get along with and you’re there.

Check out my thread in General Chat area!

I passed my test first time with Camrider in Hendon but that’s all I did…passed the test. I didn’t feel they really taught me how to ride.