Direct Access mod 1 today: passed :)

Hello all,

I passed my mod one today with 3 minors, forgot to check my shoulder after I moved away from the Emergency Stop then I touched the white line on starting u-turn and finally I went a bit fast on the slow ride lol

Other than that it was easy. :wink:

Did 53kmph on swerve and 64kmph on Emergency stop.

Well happy, got my mod 2 later this week, just waiting for a date.

Good luck to all those taking tests, there were some nervous people at the test centre, me included!


Well done!

Congrats and good luck with step 2


Although it wasn’t split when I took my test, I’m sure mod 1 is considered the harder bit…

Cheers guys, my instructor reckons I should be fine with mod2 as long as the nerves don’t get me!

edit, blackberry double posting again! :hehe:

congrats best of luck next weak:D

Well done & good luck for the next bit!

Well done and good luck with mod 2.

Don’t stop being a learner when the L plates have gone :smiley:

Wishing you a great biking future.

Good luck with the mod 2. :smiley:

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

double post again!

Think my Mod 2 might be in basildon :unsure:

Well done mate :smiley:

Cheers :slight_smile: