Dinner ideas for friends with kids

Need some ideas for a dinner party for the weekend.

Two complications:
They have kids that are picky
They are also Greek, so needs to be something non Greek (for a change)

Fish & chips


Rainforest Cafe

Fish pie is delicious if the kids will eat it, if not then homemade lasagne ( maybe a side of veg for adults, chips for kids) could be a winner?

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Pancake party. Lay on all sorts of fillings, I’ve had them in the past with stewed apple & blackberry, like in a crumble. Also, chilli con carne. Almost anything works!

Fish pie is a good shout!

Lazagne is always a good shout as you can do all the prep the day before. Have some cheap oven food like fish fingers and pizza on hand if the kids are going to be difficult. Will get you out of a bind.

I would never have had Greek kids down as picky but we had dinner with some Greek friends on Saturday and I suggested our local family run excellent and super-cheap Japanese restaurant but we had to go to Wagamama because their 7yo will only eat Wagamama fish cubes.


“Eat octopus but not mushroom” picky :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Give 'em Brussel sprouts with a generous spread of Marmite.

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Give 'em a cuff round the ear and tell them there’s children starving in Africa


taco’s then they can add to them what they want, just have lots of options to put in them

Kids had abit of their turkey leak pie and mash potatoes. Then filled up on Cornetto and popcorn Infront of a film