A very good friend of mine has bought tickets to fly to the Isle of Man to watch the senior race on Friday the 10th of June.
The problem is, that he completely forgot that Friday is in fact, his wedding day. 

This is because he bought the tickets months ago, before agreeing to the wedding date.
Now, he’s asked me to post on his behalf to see if anyone wants to take his place?

The wedding is at 2pm and all paid for, you just need to show up and he assures me she’d make a good wife.

Very good, you got me for a a sec as I am trying to get over to watch the senior

Hahaha I’d almost typed yes before reading it all. Lucky escape!

Fuck it I’m game.  Pictures please.  :smiley:

I’m stealing this joke. Lol

I'm stealing this joke. Lol Marmablade
Only fair as I stole it myself. :)

Like l wasted time telling you l stole it.

Will see if it passes the German test later.


I have no clue whether we leave or stay. I’ve no confidence to say I understand the future of either option.

Oh sorry, wrong thread…

Chucklesome, like it

Haaa! Clever! :slight_smile: