Digitek Power Guage


For those with tools and electrical savvy this little gauge is probably not required but for the likes of me it’s great to have an instant on-bike display that my battery and charging system is working properly. I had some recent starting issues even though my Optimate charger was showing the green light for a fully charged battery. Fitted the power gauge which instantly showed charging system was working but battery was not 100%. A new battery cured it and the gauge gives me peace of mind that the charging system is fully functional before I set off and while riding.
Just got back from a nice ride around the Orpington area and it was reassuring to glance down and know the bike would start and get me home. £25 well spent as far as I’m concerned.

Fitted one to my Daytona, warned me of stator failure every couple of thousand miles. :slight_smile:

£19.99 here http://www.bikersdiscountstore.co.uk/digitek-products/digitek/power-gauge-battery-check-pd-155.php

Bollow to that I would be to shyte scared to turn the ignition on with my triumph :smiley: