Digital Speed camera

Does anyone know if this one is ‘working’?

I cant remember seeing any markings, Does this make a difference?

So angry with myself, for getting cheesed off with an outside lane hogger at 40mph (yes I know this is the limit, before I get slaughtered!)

I think I entered the cameras view, braking at 60’ish at left at about 44’ish? Couldnt whack the brakes on harder, it was really wet (have no ABS)

Help anyone! :frowning:

Wolfeyes, you live near there, any ideas!!! lol

You were warned mate;)

You mean the new one? Northbound Between the Great Cam r/about and the Edmonton junc? No bar-codes down on the road yet (as of last Thurs when I last passed it) so I reckon it’s inactive. The cam has been up for about 2 months now I think so it could go live any day.

Nope, I’ve never seen an accident there either. Don’t ya just love a safety camera:angry:

The newer cameras don’t need the markings I think - something to do with the markings on the lens or something in the road. Then again could just be an urban myth…

Not sure. All the other new-style ones I’ve seen (smaller box, higher pole) have had road markings.

Thats what I thought. The other one on the opposite side (just past Lincoln road - BMW garage) has the markings?

Ok God, I may not talk to you often, but here’s the deal. I promise I’ll be a good boy from now on. Help grannies and the infirm across the road, not think about setting traps for the cat peeing up my stormex, not laugh at moped chavs and calling women when I say I will! lol

(fingers crossed)

BTW what are the fines these days?

Thats a shame, was the only bit of the A10 near me that i could get any real speed up without worrying about a camera coming up. Just straight lights to lights action :smiley:

Ive always slowed down for it, but never seen it flash, could be that its inactive or digital.

Anyone know for sure?

Its definitely a digital one, smaller, newer and on taller posts. Supposed to be for a better view and to stop vandals. But I just reckon its to take it out of your line of sight, since they have to paint them yellow now. Grrr

hey all

i dont go that way often, but i have taken tehg **** through cameras with no markings, never heard a thing, digital or normal film style:D:P

Makes me feel a little better! lol

They put news ones up in Forest Road, Walthamstow, followed by the lines in the road a couple of weeks later, so I’m hoping for your sake the lines are needed ! :smiley:

Cheers mate

There are still no markings on the road by this camera… I wonder what thats all about?:cool:

Hi all, I go past that quite abit, markings have appeared in recent days!!

Cheers for the heads up