Thanks for the bump.

Had a good day rattleing the bucket at work today and raised £272.45 mainly by threatening to put the wedding coverage on every TV we have scattered around the office.

But guys I’m still at least £697.55 short of want to raise so please dig as deep as you can.

As an extra insentive, whatever is raised via this site for Make A Wish I will match to LAA.

Edit: The £1000 target is a minimum if I can get past that I will be very happy

P.S If you donate please put LB in your message so I can tot up the total £30 so far for LAA but I want to be able to give more so go on DIG DEEP

tell em this

Kates wedding shoes were too tight. Once in the bedroom Wills helped them off.
The family heard grunting, straining, a scream and Wills say, “That was tight.”
The Queen said “I told you she was a virgin.”
Then, they heard Wills say, “Now for the other one.” There was more grunting and straining. At last Wills said, “My God. That was even tighter.”
The Duke said "That’s my boy, once a sailor, always a sailor.

I like that, think I will have to go round reciting it on Monday till the other Sky offices give me enough to shut up :smiley: