Difficulty starting bike

I’ve actually had this problem even before it got cold but now it’s even worse. Basically when I go to start the bike from cold, I push the starter and it turns over straight away but then dies after a couple turns and then I have to keep the starter on for about 10seconds before it’ll turn over again. When it was hotter I could rev it as soon as it turned over and warm the engine up but now it’s cold it just coughs a little and dies. It’s never not started at all but I think as it gets colder it might be more of an issue.

What do you think it could be? Carbs need cleaning? Need an oil change/new filter maybe?

getting old bikes to fire up this time of the year is a bit of an art

you get one chance and if you over rev it or have the idle two low or not enough choke then its off to the bus stop :slight_smile:

i would give it a winter service of new battery,plugs,fuel filter,anti freeze and maby a carb clean and that should solve the problem.

oh and try cleaning the reg/rec connectors

Welcome to the club!!! :unsure:

which bike ?

And you are using the choke ?

Silly question i know but just in case one bike has automatic choke and one doesnt etc etc

It’s an old Suzuki GS450e, I am using choke, which does help but it still takes a good while to start. It’s had new plugs and a new air filter, I’ll try giving the battery a charge and check over the fuel filter see if that helps. I’m reluctant to take out the carbs so I might put some of that carb cleaner that goes in with the fuel in it. Also would increasing the idle slightly help?

My other half’s bike is an 87 VFR400 and they are buggers to start, only way (hot, cool or very cold) is to wind on full choke and thumb starter till it runs, touch the throttle at your peril, leave it of a minute or so while putting glove/helmet on then, ride off and loose the choke after 2-3 mins. Just a suggestion might/might not work for you.