Diets - got any that work?

technically you’re not actually cutting out carbs but are changing the quality of them.

most people see carbs as rice, potatoes and pasta but these are just ‘starch-based’ carbs which have low nutritional content (they’re almost sugar). they are also very easy to over-eat

vegetables are more complex fibrous carbs with incomplete proteins in them (plus other minerals and vitamins) and therefore digest slower giving you a better drip-feed of energy into your blood stream. starch carbs digest fast and dump the energy suddenly into your system which your body over-reacts to with insulin. the over-reaction causes you to crave more of them soon after.

rather than take out the carbs, put a better carb in. you can also eat far more volume that way too so will feel more satisfied hunger wise

your body definitely needs carbs, particularly after a workout.


no point in diets, you need to make a lifestyle change if your goning to loose it and keep it off.

I lost 5 1/2 stone a couple of years ago and have kept it off - i’m now MediumEd, but that doesnt have the same ring to it :slight_smile:

Keep a food diary of everything you eat and drink, then work out the calories you are consuming. Obviously you dont have to do this the entire time but if you do it for a month or so you will soon get an idea of how much you are consuming :slight_smile:

there are some great points on here (Nonsense, Jonnybravo and BigEd, lifestyle changes) - if this is your first diet I would recommend a food diary, try to keep it going for a couple of months and put everything in (remember you are only cheating yourself), you will be surprised to see what you really eat…

good luck with it all, and remember it only takes 15 days to become a habit…

Plenty of water throughout the day helps curb those cravings.

Yeah very simple equation… follow it and you will guarantee you stay UNfat. Its called the Toby Stokes Why Didn’t Someone Teach Me This Obvious Equation In Maths At School, FOOD versus EXCERCISE Theorem.

Calories in < Calories out = fit

Calories in = Calories out = fit

Calories in > Calories out = you fat chump, get up and do some excercise its your own fault, stop whinging and do something about it, its very easy.

Honestly, if that Yank swimmer Phelps can eat 12,000 calories a day and still have a six pack all you gotta do is ask yourself what his secret was… Was it:

A) Sittin on his arse all day whilst troughin those 12k calories

B) Doing lots of excercise…

Answers please for anyone who hasn’t figured this out yet so they can try and catch up.

Oh and if this seems a bit harsh, sorry, I just know so many people whinging about diets who just NEVER seem to learn.