Diesel Spills Rally 9th September

This is a must do event for every one who posts on this forum. Theres a poster available and I urge you to print it off many times, put it up at work put it up at your local Motorcycle dealers, put it up at your local pub.


already signed up for it mate… .

Superb Ride…been on last two and cant wait for the next…so well organised to with the outriders and police. Its a pretty good party back at the Ace and this year we could make a big thing out of it amongst ourselves too !!

maybe a post later arranging a meet for this Ride DAN !!!..


im glad its on again i didnt c anything about it on the ace list.i went last year for the first time what a great event it was ,so i cant wait for this years .

Interestingly, they’ve not spoken to us or sent us anything yet. Bit of an oversight, no?

Very Much so…

I hope we get a good Meet going for it Jay. We,ll make a party of it amongst LB anyway !!

(I rode behind You and Tash almost all of the way last year too, I was a non LB,er then though)

They said in the forum that someone had posted the not on Londonbikers and CBR forums…