Diesel spillage around the House of Commons

Be aware there is a a lot of diesel on the road around the House of Commons going West from the Embankment or North from the Westminster bridge.

It goes all the way along the current diversion - around the Westminster Abbey etc. There must like a whole tank worth of diesel and impossible to avoid. The rain is making it extra slippery, but hopefully should help to wash it off. It’s on my boots and trousers everywhere now.

Have you reported it to the police on 999 as as road hazard?

Nope, but I guess I can give them a bell. I doubt anything will get done as it’s the only route past it at the moment given the road blocks…

Yay! I love diesel slicks, and so does my Aprilia! Shes still in pieces awaiting a rebuild

Any dangerous road conditions, a diesel slick, sheet ice, a bag of builder’s rubble in the road, an abandoned bicycle frame on a motorway, should all be reported by 999 so the police can get it dealt with asap before someone is injured or killed.

I have reported all of those in the past.

I binned by Triumph on Diesel there on 22nd June 2008. Bloody stuff soaked through my outer wear through to my jeans there was so much of it. Called police and Fire brigade straight away and stopped a further load of bikers wiping out in the stuff.

Normally they just spout **** and venom at the House of Commons. If they’re now spouting diesel, it’s a very disturbing development…

But seriously, I didn’t know a diesel spill was a 999 matter, but shall make sure I do so in future.

Trail of diesel coming out of an artic on the Chingford Rd A112 towards north circ. Too far behind to get details. In lorry myself. Its kerbside so not in direct path. Be careful.

Yes, please be careful! Stuff is deadly

Rang it in anyway. Dialled 101.