Diesel Ride Saturday from Ace 1pm

Who’s doin’ it then?

Let’s have a good list by Friday eh? Bike, name, rank, serial number, left or right preference (girlies excluded), beer or lager, the usual…

As my bike is dead at the moment I think I might be going on the back of someone elses… If there going.

Can’t do the Saturday as i’m off to the bridge for some football action… ‘come on ya blues’

Will be out Friday night as normal, then again for the ride out to Brighton on Sunday.

Chelsea eh ? ?

What’s it like to be a supporter of a quality team, with a great squad, manager, chairman, reputation, trophy cabinet etc…?

All we have is Owen, and he’s only their 'cause Shearer can fix him up with some scantily clad tarts oot on the toon

Another tight match on Sat - Fulham!! Crikey. How the mighty have fallen

in a word - ‘expensive’ = 48 quid a ticket… ouch plus 5.50 travel, plus drink money - which adds up I can tell you, wont say how much thou cos you’ll think I drink to much… just buy others people drinks really…lol

All fun thou, been a long time coming if you ask me… enjoying every minute thou…

almost forgot to mention about my road trip in Drogba’s top of the range Merc… very quick and stopped on a penny… Still prefer my bike…200 grand for a car is a bit much if you ask me…

And you won’t have the cops chasing you…

Or did he offer you a ride (your mother would be disappointed in you accepting rides from strange men)?

Will be there marshalling on a bright orange Zed Thou

Come on peeps, it’s a subject close to all our hearts

There’s a sticky post for this already:

Well I’m up for it, unless my mate comes up with a ticket for the afforementioned match (Chelsea) on sat.

Now howabout we organise an LB meet up beforehand or at certain place/time etc, cos I know what happens with these things and the chances of actualy bumping into someone are miniscual, and it’s a lot better to be with a group (albeit within a huge group), than just riding along on your own (so to speak)!

Hi Chrisdee, Might be able to get a couple of tickets for you if your interested?

Shed Lower or MH Upper - but you can’t be to picky these days.