Diego says ''ello'' nooby style

Hi Folks,

Come think of it I never introduced myself on this thread…so here it goes.

Met a couple of you during the Borough meets…today was fun. Got to love the sunny spells and the freebie sausages!

Anyway I been riding most of my life. Different bikes, countries and conditions. At the mo I cruise (or is it filter?) London on a Ducati Monster Dark.

Looking forward to more meets and rideouts



Nice to meet you kind sir!

Pleasure all mio!

Hello Diego, welcome to LB! Nice bike, nice name, hope to see you at BMM next week!


Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome Matey!!!

hi, welcome to LB

Hello Diego

Will rear my head at the next LB BM meet again this Wednesday. Flatouts nite ride on the 9th sounds interesting too though!

Have a great weekend all!

Hasta luego and thanks for welcoming me!

hi Diego and welcome to LB.

Welcome to the fun

its been a long time peeps. hope you’re all well!!! thought to re-introduce myself, re-incarnate nooby style.

I’m great at the mo, couple of minor offs and three bikes further down the line!!!

Do you guys still meet at BM every Wednesday eve? I popped by there last night but could not anyone (from the traffic lights)