Did you see her..

errr… hold on :blink:

bloody hell. I had to defo take another look :blink:

caught me out!!:blush:

Anyone got a copy of the 80’s Michael J Fox classic Teen Wolf…
Apparently there’s a blatant scene that the censors, editors and publicity mongrels completely missed…


:blush: yep got it for 90p a few months ago. Was one of my childhood favourites, couldn’t resist.

So which scene have i missed??? :w00t:

no I didn’t.

apparently the basketball game at the end, right next to the headmasters head in one of the MANY crowd scenes, some bloke had flopped his cock out…
I ahven’t seen it but some film geeks assured smiled flats and me it was there! Go seek!

not quite as graphic as described but it is indeed there :smiley: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27iccX8Gm_M

Bit weak really isn’t it… but then I am a psuedo journo, so my job is to SENSATIONALISE even the tiiniest thing so you buy my product, satisfying my advertisers!

The benchmark of modern journalism… repeat advertising

Bye bye News of the World… you got everything you deserved and more, shame Murdoch’s remploying about 80% of the scum for the Sunday Sun…

Still ‘didn’t see her…’

‘He’ has breasts!