Did you know...

That if you reconnect the 3rd and 4th spark plug leads the wrong way round that your bike makes a hell of a racket and backfires?

I do now.


Ouchio, does it cause the cylinders to fire in the wrong order?

Having only 2 cylinders, I wonder what would happen, not going to try it mind.

I did my 16k service over the holidays - first time I’ve done a service on the bike - a went smooth till I restarted it and it sounded a bit off… when you reved it just dies and it would backfire all the time… thought I’d really ****ed up - but a quick phone call to baby polar bear sorted it :slight_smile:

I can’t believe how long it took me to do the service though.


it may have taken u a long time but how much more satifaction did u get than when u just pay over the counter …well done matt

how do you fancy a 30k service with cam chain and valve clearance? ha ha!

Oh yeah it was so cool last night when I put the last bit of faring back on fired her up and listened to her purr… the only thing that got the better of me was the carb syncrinisation which I’ll have to pop it to the dealership in Luton for - nice guys up there - they were open on Boxing Day and solved my ‘bought the wrong spark plugs’ problem.

Going to have to get the kit so I can do the carbs and valve stuff for next time.

I had so much fun!

Valve clearences on the 16k and cam chain (which I did) - but couldn’t do the carb sync :frowning: Didn’t have the kit.


Just dont reconnect any of them next time matt, Its a lot quieter

You changed the cam chain?

i don’t no… you get someone who’s done a couple of d i y night classes and thay think they can reconfigure the firing sequence te he he…o by the way yamaha are after technicians for there big bang tuning department

lol! It was certainly an interesting noise… don’t think I’ll be doing that again - it was bloody awkward to get in there mind - I need to get hold of a 2" extension for the ratchet - my 3" is a little long and means I have to knock the blasted socket off the extension before I can get it out - a right royal pain in the butt.

Didn’t do the cam chain, the timing, valve clearences or carb sync - need to get some tools to do that properly first - not going to bodge that - that’s next weeks task.


I thought they’d binned hte whole Big Bang config and gone back to a more conventional set up…is that for commercial or racing?

no tobe there still using the big bang in racing it makes for more user friendly power curve

Okay done the cam chain now - that was quite straight forward… might have a bash at the Valve Clearences next week and then see if I can borrow some kit for the carb sync… anyone?