Did you know?

Just a word of warning. Did you know that the ‘swishy thing’ with your tyres can get you pulled over?

Just a quick message to say that I got pulled over for the first time in my life today. It was horrible, as I saw the police car coming and pulled to the side to let them through…and they stopped right in front of me. I was so surprised! It turns out that they saw me leaning (swishing) side to side to warm my tyres. I did look around me for scooters, etc., and the road was clear.

God, I felt stupid! I have to say that I honestly did not know that this was illegal…I have new tyres and haven’t really used them out of the city yet. I didn’t lean far, and thought that it was good (even safer!) to distribute the heat a bit, rather than sit in a straight line the entire time and have my tyres go square. The policeman was very clear that there is absolutely no benefit to this type of movement unless you are on a race track and then suggested that he was worried about the speed I was planning on doing if I felt that I had to warm my tyres. Eeek! I showed him that they were brand new and that I hadn’t leaned over on them yet…that I just wanted to scrub them a bit more.

They ran my details through their computer. To his credit, he was kind and I think that he knew I had made a stupid mistake. I just felt so shaken up by being pulled over and rode like I was in a car the rest of the way to work. I have to say ‘Phew!’ as I was convinced that I was in a lot of trouble when they pulled in front of me. A scary experience, but that bit of information one will certainly stick in my head.

Brooke, you must live in a very quite area where no cagers use mobile phones whilst driving and all the cars are taxed and all the drivers are fully insured. Fair enough on the copper to let you go with a warning but eesh, better things to be doing etc.

You got stopped for that? Blimey, the copper must have been bored. Is it actually illegal?


Dunno which disturbs me more, the threat of being pulled over for it, or it being known as “The Swishy Thing”

You weren’t wearing your jeans were you? If so, I suspect I know the real reason he stopped you…

but you just like being chased…

I do that a lot! Scary not going to anymore!

Cheeky, Andrew! I will leave off the description of my riding gear as I suspect that your imagination is better than realiyt . Riding along Embankment, so a fairly well travelled area. I don’t actually know if the swishy thing is illegal…to be honest, I was really shocked as it was a gentle side to side. I never thought it would make me so shakey, but now I know. As I said, he wasn’t harsh…it was just frightening as I didn’t know what would happen with all of the name/birthdate checking, etc. I didn’t know how to make him believe that I honestly didn’t know it was illegal, but I guess that he did in the end. Phew!


I think it would only ever be a ‘not in control of vehicle’ type thing, rather than any ‘swishing’ law.

but you never know, and I for one will be very careful and have a good look around before ‘swishing’ in public again.

Brooke, he just wanted to get your address. Did he ask for a phone number, too?

I sometimes swish just out of boredom…

I suspect that is what he was after.

You’ll have to do the swishy thing in the car park from now on! We could do it together and scare the other staff???

I never want to see you swishing in public mate

Can we please stop calling it the swishy thing as you are ruining tyre warming for me.

Blimey Brooke, sounds a tad harsh! He’s right though, it doesn’t warm the tyres up, though some racers do it purely out of habit I believe. Maybe Chuffster can elaborate on it. Illegal? No way… Maybe he just liked the look of you Brooke!


Let’s face it, the police have the intelligence spread of the general public, so half the time you’re likely to be stopped by someone lacking large numbers of brain cells. I’ve generally found that being prepared with a reasonable knowledge of road law is your best defense, that coupled with extreme politeness. Sounding like you might be a lawyer can really put them on the back foot.

And in the corporate speak of Blair’s Britain we are after all shareholders in the police force, and they are there to serve us.

That said, is anyone else disturbed by what seems to be the current trend of respect being lost on both sides. There was a stabbing in my street the other night, and I wasn’t allowed through (fortunately I wasn’t riding with the Mars Bar license plate). The lack of politeness was quite shocking - no apology for the hold-up, and when the heavies had all finished their games no-one bothered telling me I was allowed home.

What happened to the friendly neighbourhood bobby you could crack a joke with? I’m by no means an OAP, but I can remember them from not so long ago.

I’m just off for a quick swish

Can you swish on a trails bike? Please let me know as I need to get more experience.Lol

Just make sure that you don’t swish in SoHo and you should be OK . I do this when I am bored, too, Paivi, so will have to resist in the future. I don’t think that my ‘excuse’ that ‘the boys do it, so I thought it was OK’ worked and I have been left with orders to ask ‘the boys’ why they do it. That should go over like a lead balloon! Thanks for all of your funny comments…seems like we coined a phrase.

It’s called swishing your knobblies… Carefull on the loose though!