Back from cyprus and boy,did i have one hellava good time…loved it and also got myself a bike to ponce about while i was out there…fantastic vacation and one to recommend…i did miss my bike tho…like mad…and only one night of nookie…but jesus h christ…great holiday…

now…whens the next tear up…im gaggin!!!:w00t:.


Who are you again? One of the ‘No to Parking’ people? :wink: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello mate!!! Welcome back!!! :smiley:

Only one night of nookie? What was his name? :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey welcome back! Hope you thought about us lot while you were havin fun! :w00t:

errrrrrrrmm no i didnt:D

nope not one bit :D:D

Why have you been somewhere then ?

[email protected] back :smiley:

Welcome back mate.

Welcome back chapati :smiley:

Oh thank heavens your back!! wednesday night at bm just was’nt the same:P
Cyprus’s loss is our gain;)

Yes. :smiley:

didnt even notice you were gone:D

Back so soon, there goes the peace and quiet then.

Just had a quick look at all of the recent posts and it doesn’t appear that anyone did!!! But I guess everyone was too upset to write anything, they were all waiting for you to come back :D:hehe::smiley:

Who is smiled???

WB mate… glad you had a good time in Cyprus

Yep, the adult section has been far to quiet without ya.

Been missing the ‘I’ve just done a big turd and thought I’d share it with you’ sort of posts ;):smiley: