Did the two bridges

Just back, a bit earlier than planned, from Sweden, Denmark and Amsterdam. Took 8 days altogether - one night in Germany on route, 3 in Denmark, 1 in Sweden, 3 in Amsterdam.

For those doing the 2 bridges - the first is the ****** - second one less so - though it was cloudy which might have affected my thoughts.

Would defo recommend some overnights in Sweden rather than Denmark if possible - Denmark was so expensive as to be ridiculous (£8 beer, £20 for camping, £10 for a burger n chips) - Sweden much better.

Mileages - well I got to Hannover by the end of Day 1.

Then upto Ribe (Denmarks oldest town) Day 2.

Day 3 I drove the coast road up Jutland - hoped to get to the northern point - but too knackered so turned off about 30 miles short b4 heading back to Ribe.

Day 4 - to Copenhagen (over bridge 1) - you need to book in advance here (Accomodation) - I was fcked so ended up near Helsingor.

Day 5 - Over ferry to Helsinborg and into Sweden - stayed south of Malmo

Day 6 - Malmo to Amsterdam - motorways - plus both bridges

Day 7&8 Amsterdam

Day 9 - rode home

The distances involved - mean it’s a two day treck minimum each way (unless you do the Ejsberg Ferry)

No map or Sat Nav used (That’s a bloke thing rather than a sensible suggestion!)

Also - If you are doing the Ferry and get the chance - the biker I met in Helsingor - ex-Londoner living in Denmark - was adamant that the best roads in Scandanavia were in southern Norway…Denmark too flat - Sweden too straight - Norway neither flat not straight.

Autobahns were fun;) - but frigging scary too - those life savers are wisely named and necessary! Doing 125 - about to pull out and woosh - some fugger blasts past in a Porche / BMW / Merc.

Hope some of that was useful to the planners of the trip…:slight_smile:

sounds nice i think thats something along the lines busa55 is planning for next year isnt it ? :slight_smile:

Think so - though I bet those guys aren’t camping!

First tent got binned - then I got a nice Swedish model, she was lovely, curvy and only £65 :slight_smile:

Too bloody right we aren’t:w00t::slight_smile:

Sounds like a good trip, we would not use any motorways either (unless we had to)

What did they charge you to cross the bridges?

First bridge was 135 Danish Kroner.
Ferry was about £14 (on CC).
Second bridge 220 Swedish Kroner.

The ex rates are about 8DK and 12SK to £1

The first bridge - there are just cones - so very very easy for a biker not to pay - no way that would work in England!