did the commute in london on the bike other day .....

First time in quite a while due to the amount of things i usually need to carry.

Enjoyed being out on the bike as i always do, but the day started off freezing on the m25, followed by boiling filtering between traffic at kings cross…

Ive tried everyway in, car, train, bike, and i can say hands down, theres no pleasant way of commuting in from Surrey!

I do take my hat off to those who have to do it every day of the week…

It depends what roads you commuting on. Kings Cross is particularly horrible, I hate Euston Road generally.

Coming down Finchley Rd is pretty easy, thanks to bus lanes.

What time do you normally come in?

If I take the bike its only from Battersea to Brentford but the difference between 6:30 and 7:30 is nuts.

That is why I’m glad I don’t have to commute, nor ride around in London for a living any more. What a relief! It can really put you off biking which was one of the reasons I have left my job… :ermm:

It hasnt put me off biking, but neither bike nor myself found it very enjoyable!

oh, and i didnt mention the struggle to get the bike out of the bike parking bay-

i had put it on centre stand, and when i went to ride it a moped on side was jammed close, i couldnt even stand next to bike. i had to mount it from the back (that was interesting) then rock back and forward until it shot of centrestand in straight line! :w00t:

Definitely agree there. For me, even the difference between even 7:00 and 7:20 is pretty huge…

That sounds like standard central London bike bay mounting technique!