Did my first fill up on the scoot last night....

And managed to get 82MPG out of the tank.

Very pleased indeed.

Even though i’m still riding around on a shitstain :slight_smile:

Yeah, once the initial fun factor and fuel consumption delight is gone you’ll then be thinking more about the shitstain aspect…

Bah, it’s cheap transport and I’m happy for you. When are we going to see you on a rideout? :slight_smile:

Since buying Kermit, I find that I rarely get out of 3rd gear and spend most of the time between 6,000 and 10,000 revs, so I have swapped MPG for SPG (Smiles per Gallon!)

As your scoot is just for town miles, smiles will be in short supply, so yes 82mph sounds good!

I tell you something Ally…i find that i have more SPG with shitstain…(or Annabelle as i’ve christened her) in town than i had on the Gixxer riding in town.

i had a yamaha vity 125 for a while. in town it was more fun than than a proper bike.

you’re not trying hard enough if you’re getting 82mpg though, you should be flat out everywhere.

That I can understand, I only thrash Kermit when out in the provinces, feels a bit wrong doing 10,000 revs when filtering!! Can’t ever remember grinning when I used a scoot to commute - obviously doing something wrong, plus pretty hard to rev the nuts off an automatic. Is Annabelle geared - that would definitely help?!!

Nope…not geared at all.

So do you mean i’m not getting high enough MPG or that i should stop riding around like a little bitch?

So how are you getting the smiles then? Is Annabelle just a bit more comfy?!! Do you have one of those blanket things and big muffs to keep your hands toasty?!! Big top box and lots of under seat storage for your lid and shopping?!! Does she make you feel like you’re being chauffeured rather than you having to control her? If you answer yes to any of these then yes, you are Annabelle’s bitch! ;):stuck_out_tongue:

I’m her bitch alright!

Don’t have the blankets, and muffs yet…but will put them on come autumn time. And it’s a YES to all of your other points. :slight_smile:

your mpg is too high, you need to aim for about 65mpg to ensure you’ve been riding it in the correct manner.

Sitting here feeling confused (fairly regular occurrence I must admit!), how do you ‘thrash’ an automatic?

I’m guessing rolling burnouts would use extra fuel and rubber, but would look a little silly on a scoot I think? Especially one called Annabelle! :w00t:

This will kinda defeat the whole purpose of me getting a scoot in the first place.

I would have thought you would get better mpg on a 125 Honda scoot?

there were plenty of smiles last week when he turned up to BM on it.

Only 82? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I’m joking, that’s nice result. On 125cc I had 100ish and was fun, up to any A-road when overtaking van was a challenge.


The newer ones should be able to get close to 100mpg real world figures.
I’m pretty happy with 82 though…i’m not the lightest of blokes and live in hilly north london so it’s got some work to do! :slight_smile:

Pffft. My CBF125 does 130mpg!

I’m sure there were - but for all the wrong reasons!! :smiley: