Did it happened to you before?

I was in my office when my wife called to tell me that I had to go home becouse her aunty had died this afternoon(never met her)… While I was changing to my bikking clothes the fire alarm came off in the building, we got builders doing some work and the b uggers keep smoking inside. I left in hurry and when I got home found out that I have lost all my keys! Have no idea where I’ve droped it! Called the office and it’s not there… I want to punch me very hard for that! All the padlocks keys of my ZX, garage door, front door, there were keys that I even can’t remember what are they for??? I feel like open evry draw I see, look in the pockets that I know Iit won’t be there… What do I do for this feeling go away???

Sorry to hear mate. Thats really shiddy about the keys. Condolences to your wife and family. Breathe!!!


you either go and get really pi**ed and forget about it.


I bet they turn up in some stupid place thet you have checked before or they will be some where that they could not have possibly got into.

Trust me my missus does it all the bloody time.

Sorry to hear about all the misfortune…happened to me once…was looking for me glasses (blind as a bat me )…anyway hours were spent looking for them difficult when you cant see!!! Finally I gave up sat on the sofa and scratched me head…hey presto there they were on top of me bonce where I’d left them!!

Have a beer, watch tv…they will turn up just when you least expect them.

look in the fridge. for some reason i have a habit of putting my keys in the fridge. probably cos its alongside the beer i have just bought. but i can not leave the house without running up and down the stairs lkooking for my keys/wallet/pass key/beanie atleast 4 times most frustrating!!

Thanks guys… Oh, babyJ, I hope that will happen to me… I have no idea how I will open some of the lockers on my bike… Perhaps I should talk to one of those *******s that can nick our bikes in seconds…

You don’t live above me, do you, Pixie? My upstairs neighbour keeps doing exactly that, at 4.30am, too!

Unfortunately, Cezar, I think your keys are where your bike was parked at the office, or a nearby shop.

I got home once and was going to do what I always do: take the bike keys out of the pocket and put them in the little hook by the door. No keys, though. Run out, check everywhere around the bike for them, no keys. Great, I think, somebody’s seen them and is now about to nick my bike, so I asked a car driver about to drive off to keep an eye on my bike while I nip upstairs for the master key to move my bike into the courtyard. Got back to the bike and thought, sh1t, I don’t know where my spare U-lock key is. Scratching my head, wondering how I’m going to get the bike into the courtyard with the backwheel locked, when a guy comes from the restaurant opposite, waving my keys and asking if they’re mine. Somebody had seen them literally next to my bike and had handed them in at the nearest open shop/restaurant.

I had a crazy incident happen to me …

I was on my way home & stopped at a shop for supplies. As I was paying for my stuff (bread, milk etc) I put my gloves & keys on the counter, whilst the lady next to me was leaving the shop. Once I had paid, I realised that the lady next to me had picked up my keys and presumably put them in her bag. Panic ensued, but she was nowhere to be seen, so I got the shop to refund me for the food and pushed the bike to my mate’s house. Luckily I had the key number at home and got a new ignition key cut. About twelve hours later, my keys were handed in at the local Police Station.

Anyhow, I’m hope your keys turn up … good luck!

Yes it’s happened plenty!! Last on Friday night when I thought Id lost my wallet. But it turned up the next morning - I had a brain wave while waiting on the line to cancel the cards! Talk about lastminute.com!!

Only way to cure it? Soz mate, but it’s to find them… any luck yet?

Oh dear Cezar… What are ya gonna do now??? Wish Madlyn all the best for me…

Thanks guys… Got some good ideas where to look at from you. Er… the fridge one was funny but I did look just in case … Found a chocolate tart that I had forgotten there from last week… eat it just in case too! lol

If I find theses keys I promise that will keep in the speed limit up to next year! See how desperate am I ??

I really hope you have spares mate, nothing worse then loosing the keys and not having a spare.

Oh, Project… I have spares for some of them but not for all… One of those things that was on my to do list but I keep leaving it for another time… Never more


THANK YOU GUYS FOR YOUR TIPS! I arrived to work this morning and ‘just in case’ had a stop at the security desk inside the building I park. It was there! someone found it on the floor near where the bike was parked!

I’m relieved…

yay! now, go and get the spares cut

Condolences to your wife.

Glad you found your keys, they always seem to be by the bike. Must drop them with glooves on and can’t hear it with a helmet on. Could be time to get some copies made.

They usually turn up, but only after you’ve changed all the locks

Almost as bad as me locking myself out in full leathers with only the car key (I have no idea what I was thinking) and the dog.

To cut a long story short I had to improvise a dog lead out of a car phone charger and walk across London in the blazing sun in said gear to discover Mrs Mo was in court (she’s lawyer).

Not the cleverest day of my life.

well done Cezar…horrible feeling losing things. Little tip: it sounds a bit daft but whenever my wife loses something (which happens a lot) she asks out loud to St Anthony to ‘please help her find whatever’ ! and weirdly enough always turns up shortly after!

It’s like going into the petrol station to pay in the flip lid with earplugs still in and saying, at what seems perfectly acceptable volume, but in fact is a very LOUD


Then turning around to discover everyone is looking at you like you’re the local freak.

Dam, now you have to keep within the speed limit for a year…

remember your promise!

Those people who answer your prayers can easily lose those keys again!