Did I see something about a new MAG for London?

hi All

was it on this forum that I saw a member saying he was calling a meeting at The Ace and forming a new London MAG group?

please point me to the post cos been trawling through for 20 minutes and can’t find anything!!



Thanks Von!

Handbags at dawn?

Toothless, use the search feature next time :slight_smile:

There’s a search  feature?

Yep you can use the search feature to find the search feature

I can indeed confirm that if you search LB for “search”, the search function can be found at the top right of the site (magnifying glass icon).

However it is in such pale grey it does not show up against the background.  You need a magnifying glass to see it.    Just like “write your reply”, “edit post” and all the lines round the boxes.   We just vaguely guess where they are and sometimes hit the jackpot.  

Thanks Jay…but to be fair, I did try that before trawling through the menu options! But as the message was in the Newbies section under ‘Hi’ I don’t think a search for ‘MAG’ would ever have shown up!!

Shakes head, how longs that been there?

Here’s the Feb edition of “Network” MAG   https://wiki.mag-uk.org/images/5/54/Network_2016-02.pdf

Still shows no contact (“Position Vacant”) for London rep.

I’m getting there, I’ve managed to get the greater London mag website taken down, head office are very near to launching a new website from head office. Yesterday I was given admin privileges on the greater London Facebook page. The first meeting is on Thursday 10th at 7pm with 9 people saying there going with more saying they are interested in going to the Ace cafe. I’m waiting for work to give me good Friday off so that I can post two destinations for Easter sgg/toy runs this will be to let people choose. It will probably go from the market Porter in borough market to the Royal Marsden children’s ward in Sutton and or Haven hospice wood green.
At the Mag meeting I’ll be looking for people to do various things from Secretary to PR. If your interested please come along.
As you can see it might say that the position is vacant I’ve been working behind the scenes to get a group going and MAG head office are helping to get this to happen.

Me and MetalRed have been MAG members in the past and will try to make it to the ACE on the 10th.
Look forward to meeting you then.

the Ace isn’t a convenient place for all London bikers to get to

couldn’t a better location be considered

I know that the Ace is a bit out if the way for some. I live near London bridge and I’m looking at the Market porter for an alternative even the Miller near Guy’s. its stuff to talk about at the meeting on Thursday next week

the bike shed would be a better central place for people to meet

Bike shed?


But they have that ridiculous

> No locks when you park please.

rule, despite being in East London. Some of us ride our bikes occasionally, remember :slight_smile: