Did I get my knee down for the first time ever today???

And it was chuffing awesome…completely unintentional (given that I don’t have knee sliders and nearly lost my leg) but totally awesome. Had no idea I could get that far over with little shortass legs tiddling around on a massive great lumpy bus of a gixer. HURRAH!!!:smiley:


Now go and get yourself some sliders, or you may lose a knee cap :w00t:

I’m jealous! What’d you scrub on the floor if you didn’t have sliders?

Fish Hill and awesome place to play… Who’s you daddy???
More practice for you at Brands on Monday young lady… With sliders this time…:smiley:

Will the french police come after me if I don’t wear sliders? Nothing scrubbed the floor, that how’s I know I did it…because it caught and whipped my knee out…not like I was sticking my knee out to try because I don’t wear sliders. Still frikkin awesome though!!!

Well done lass.

Why won’t you wear sliders? You can get them with all types of designs.

Maybe you can pick up some Gucci ones to match your bag and shoes.

Oh it’s not that I don’t wear them out of principle…it’s just that I’m still kind of learning, still kind of a bit new to doing the whole biking thing properly. Only got my first proper leathers a few weeks ago…didn’t even consider knee sliders as something I’d ever really need and when it dawned on me that I might need some a few people offered me some freebies that never materialised…hence why I haven’t exactly been out trying to get my knee down…

But I’ll hav some for tomorrows track day…:stuck_out_tongue:

The transaction have been agreed and recorded. Sliders will be provided as promised… Can’t wait to get paid :hehe:

Have fun tomorrow. I f I’d thought about it earlier I’d have done the day myself, No Limits are the bestest.

I’ve arranged to go somewhere in return for some cash, I think it’s called work or summink.

so how did the track day go? any pics?

Work??? What’s that? Why would anyone do that?

Track day was totally and utterly awesome. I LOVED it. Came off at Clearways, got a telling off for being too fast and not being aware enough of those who weren’t as fast, am sore as hell today, but otherwise I am totally and utterly hooked. Learnt a massive amount about how the bike rides, how far I can push it, how my body affects it. Well worth doing and I’m going to sell my soul to the devil in order to fund my new found addiction.

what bike were you on ???

To pay for all the trips to Jerez, Parc Algar etc etc!

Glad you had a good time, hope the bike isn’t too messy. Did you just run out of track?

Yeah bike is fine…I’m a bit injured, got a bruised ego from my telling off but it was deserved, I hang my head in shame, tough lesson learnt. I just thought I was good enough to go round the outside of someone who was slower, too cocky, and should have just sat behind him. But no, cocky me ran it straight into the gravel.

I was on a black and silver gixerSRAD.

Sounds like you’ve got the bug!!!

Sounds like I’ll sit behind you on a rideout! lol

Hmmm so how much for your soul and what am I allowed to do with it?

Also make sure this doesn’t happen:) if you stick your knee out too long


Well let me tell you that I’ve fallen in love with my dream bike…a k5 Gixer thou, all black, 8000m, carbon fibre all over the place, GP exhaust, 174bhp at the back wheel…oh my god the list goes on, for £6k, and then I’d want to be doing at least 2 trackdays a month, with all the expense incurred there so that’s a good £1k a month at the very least…

So, if you want to buy my soul and have it at your disposal for about a year you’re looking at a fair old whack of cash…and to get my hands on that bike and to take it round a track you can do whatever the hell you like to my soul…

Have a look at the pics of Brands: www.trackdaydigitalimages.com look under Brands for Monday. I was in the Novice group on a black and silver SRAD wearing yellow, black and white leathers (oh, I need new leathers too, so you’d have to budget for them).

Only time I get my knees down is when I’m cleaning my bike, totally wasted money on leathers with sliders, only scratches they have are from the sides of cars :smiley:
One day, maybe I should dp a track day :slight_smile:

You may well find that if you want to learn to go faster, a 175BHP bike may not be the ideal tool. There’s good chance you’ll be racking up a few air miles.

That said…

If soul is a code for arse, I’ll fetch my gold card now. :slight_smile: