Did anyone forget...

to check if the pedestrian they had just hit was still alive;


:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

scooter might have been going a bit quick.
timed the lights very well though, props for that!

pedestrian had it coming.

Oh my god, that is disgustin.

Me groovy, please tell me you don’t mean that.

No matter who was at fault (yes the pedestrian may have crossed a little late and possibly been at fault) there is no way that biker should’ve left like that without even checking he was OK. I hope they find him and sentence him to a big jail term.
Have you ever seen stationary traffic but with a Red Man on the crossing and gone for the cross? thats all that happened there so the pedestrian shouldn’t have crossed but its nothing we’ve all done a million times before, I know the biker never knew the cameras were there but there were witnesses that would have backed him up, the Vans moved whilst the pedestrian was still in the road which would’ve blocked the Bikers view of thge pedestrian so they would’ve said he was not in the wrong, plus the camera footage would clear him of any wrong doing, but as soon as he got up off the floor everything from that moment onwards is a disgrace

Taking that gap was the zen of lunacy. Worst place to filter. Hang back at junctions, create space and check sightlines and then you can aim better to miss pedestrians! Utterly reprehensible behaviour that. Probably a stolen bike too (well it is possible!). DNA from helmet left behind might help!

i bet we’d have a different opinion if the biker was hurt and the pedestrian wasnt. or if the pedestrian was at a railway crossing and got hit by a train instead of oncoming traffic.
the police wouldnt have released the video if it wasnt to criminalize bikers.

it always amazes me the dissociation people make in their head between vehicles and people. they seem to forget who operates the vehicle is also a human being.

So if that was one of your mates or a Family member would you feel the same??

You have to have some degree of sympathy for the Pedestrian, No one is saying he is Blamless, but even if he were 100% to blame for the collision you do not get up, shout at him then pull the bike off him like it was a Fox you had just hit then ride off!! He wouldn’t have got in trouble had he stayed, it would’ve been an accident with witnesses (and a Video that he never knew about) backing him up that the pedestrian was in the wrong (to a degree) now he is a wanted man for a hit and Run, Whats Worse???

And the car drivers that witnessed it all, all stopped to help !!

Pedestrians have right of way above all, lets not forget that. This is absolutely disgraceful, though. Its been released because its very clearly highlighting an abhorrent crime rather than targeting a group of road users. Seeing it any other way is absolutely ludicrous! :w00t:

What a ####.

the guy on foot might have been an idiot crossing on a clearly red light

The guy on the bike/ scooter was a dick to not stop… regardless of who’s at fault, if someone gets hit, you don’t just abandon them in the middle of the street…

And of course by leaving the scene, he is now the guilty party, and I doubt anyone will show him any remorse.
Looking at the legislation it says this:

“watch out for pedestrians crossing a road into which you are turning. If they have started to cross they have priority, so give way”
“Give way to anyone still crossing after the signal for vehicles has changed to green. This advice applies to all crossings.”

Surely there needs to be some amend to the law that if they blatantly cross on a red light, they should bear some responsibility…

Scootahist wanted to get away from there at any price, he may have been legit and panicked but more likely

scootah stolenno driving licenceno tax / insurance / motpissed or stoned
He never even glanced at the pedestrian , more concerned about extracting his scootah.

Another sign that he’s an arsehole scrote is that he doesn’t even bother to do up his helmet chinstrap … scum

I believe in those situations you’d feed him a ham sandwich :smiley:

That’s bad behaviour though and I was also taught that pedestrians have right of way, regardless of road signs/markings.

Having said that, pedestrians have a duty of responsibility too; if I choose to cross the road at a crossing where the man is red, I make sure it is safe to do so; I check traffic lights etc.

That comment doesn’t deserve just a Basic LOL, that gets the full on ROFL!!!

Regardless of whom is to blame or might have been in the wrong, I generally would feel responsible to help anybody who might have been injured. Bit of a human fail.

Shocking, its a poor camera angle but didn’t the mo’cyclist make that overtake in a hatched off area :ermm:

Googlie Maps thingy

If I was a gambling man I’d wager Ross has judged it right any combination of TWOC, D/L, Insurance, Tax, MOT, DD10/20 etc and is taht a helmet he dropped? Could it be slugs?

What a twat… I hope they he gets caught and done for it.

I cant’ believe cars do not stop and get down instantly… what a world we live in…

welcome to the jungle Sam.

what would you feel like if you were the biker in question?
you hit a pedestrian which was clearly in the wrong, but no witnesses are going to testify in your favor.
you stop to help as you would do, the pedestrian claims he was still crossing when you hit him. who you think would come out worse in the eyes of the law?

In all honesty Alba (and i promise i’m not just saying it) regardless of what happened, even if i had jumped a red light and hit him when he was crossing on a green, there is no way on earth i would have done what that guy done, i would be on my knees praying to god (or whichever god you beleive in) that he was OK and i would be using all my Knowledge from courses i’d taken to ensure he was safe and not at risk of dying.

and how do you know that none of those witnesses would testify in your favour? Did he stop to ask if they saw what happened? did he make sure anyone had even seen what happened? No he never, he just picked his bike up and Fooked off!! How do we know that no one stopped, the video stopped before you can see that, the white people carrier looked like he was leaving but for all we know he could’ve been clever and positioning his car to protect the injured party from thurther collisions with unknowing traffic before getting out to help!!

Alba, would you have done the same as the Guy on the Bike???

Please tell me you wouldn’t have

FFS if you hit a pedestrian an he gets injured you just stop and assist him until medical aid comes, no matter who is in the wrong… end of the argument. There will be time to solve who’s fault was afterwards

Doing otherwise and abandon the scene is being a scumbag and probably ilegal too.