Did anybody witness this yesterday?


Nobody knew! They don’t tell anyone about these events in advance! It’s hillarious, they didn’t even tell us and we’re registered with their press department.

yeah…I was surprised as well. Bollox…I wanted to go and see the Desmo.
And why the ba***rds from Fifth Gear get to go but we dont? They dont even like bikes.
And who were those 20,000 “bike enthusiasts” that turned up?

WoW that looked wicked, I never knew it was happening either but I remember a time before I liked bikes, I went to see the F1 cars in central London and that was amazing, this I would not of missed for the world

yeah…why nobody told us?

I really wonder how they managed to organised such a big event with 20k people and nobody from this forum was there. I mean…what are the odds?

MAybe we should write something to the organisers and complain or something? I dont know

Somebody did - this week’s MCN had an article on it !


How could we have missed that

read it in MCN this morning Can’t believe it was missed.

Just up the road from me as well. What a pain in the arris.

20,000 tourists or maybe just the queue for the London Eye