Dick Turpin Tues Night???

Anyone going Dick Turpin on the A127 tuesday night? If you ARE be prepared. it gets packed solid on warm night !!! ABBEYJ you up for it???

Doing the podcast…
Could do one Tuesday though!

Eh ? More detail women!

Dick Turpin was born in 1706 in rural Essex, the son of John Turpin, a small farmer and some-time keeper of the Crown Inn. Some biographers say he was born in Thackstead, others name Hempstead. Young Dick probably served an apprenticeship with a butcher in Whitechapel- in those days, a village on the fringes of the capital. During his apprenticeship he “conducted himself in a loose and disorderly manner.” When his apprenticeship was over, he opened a butcher shop, and began to steal sheep, lamb and cattle. Caught in the act of stealing two oxen, he fled into the depths of the Essex countryside to save himself. After resurfacing, he tried his hand at smuggling, but proved as inept at this venture as he had at cattle rustling. Before long customs agents compelled Turpin and his gang to lay low. Many people think of Dick Turpin as a lone highwayman, however for the majority of his criminal career he was a member of the Essex Gang (also known as the Gregory Gang). Members of Turpin’s gang are known to have included: Thomas Barnfield, Mary Brazier, John Fielder, Jasper Gregory, Jeremy Gregory, Samual Gregory, Herbert Haines, John Jones, James Parkinson, Joseph Rose, Thomas Rowden, Ned Rust, William Saunders, Richard Turpin, Humphry Walker, and John Wheeler. There may have been other members who were either not identified or who were only occasional associates of the Gang.

Turpin and his gang invaded isolated farmhouses, terrorizing and torturing the female occupants into giving up their valuables. A typical attack took place at Loughton, in Essex, where Turpin heard of an old widow woman rumoured to keep at least £700 in the house. When the woman gamely resisted all of Turpin’s efforts to discover the money’s hiding place, he hoisted her into the open fire until she gave up her treasure. Robbing remote farmhouses was the Gang’s speciality, and it was only towards the end of his criminal career that Turpin was actually involved in highway robbery.

Flushed with success-and money-Turpin and his mates proceeded to rob their way around the Home Counties, frequently employing torture as a weapon of persuasion. By 1735, the London Evening Post regularly reported the exploits of Turpin and ‘The Essex Gang’ and the King had offered a reward of £50 for their capture. Eventually, local constables captured two of the gang, Turpin himself narrowly missing capture by bursting out a window.

his favourite day for robbing was apperentley a tuesday night

A reward of 50 quid? Hardly worth it…

PMSL thanks Si, I feel educated.

So the only relevance is that it’s a Tuesday and they put the prices up? Is this the pub that DT was rumoured to live in / frequent / stop for a slash while out and about ?

Whatever, I might be interested. Blade, you crack me up

You seen the bar prices then?

HA HA Well done flats !!! Well if u want a ride and want somefin diff to the ace…and smell of burning rubber…take a ride along the 406 heading to M11 / A127…Gants Hill…just follow the 127 to Southend, come to the “half way house”…its a pub (Dick Turpins other haunt!)…its called half way house, cos its half way to southend !!! amazing how they come to name these places aint it??? doh !! carry straight on up the 127 or follow the other bikers??? And i guess about 5 mile? maybe more…you will see huge pub…loads of bikes…! Nuff said !!!

Oh and Andrew?? you crack me up too !!! (hee hee)

cant make this one Blade - will try for next one…

Is this a regular night at the Dick Turpin? If so I might well take a bimble along once I’m back from france

Dick Turpin every tues night…think weds are the classic cars?..but as i said before, on a warm night??? its PACKED out all night long, then we head to southend for the arcades etc…same as sundays, down to the sea front, bikes all park up in the middle of the dual carriageway…then you can go sit outside the pubs or cafes along the front and watch the cars and bikes ride up and down…

(adopts Bob Mortimer voice) "Or the boats, cummin’ in and gowin’ oot again… "

Andrew??? You’ll be “roamin in the gloamin” soon !!!

i was there 06/06/06 it was bloody hot and was yes packed but a good couple of hours out .some nice bikes there. had to hide mine in the at the back hehehehe

You went twice?