Dick Turpin Meet Essex-A127

Thanks hun but I think I’ll wait until it’s fixed. Don’t want to push my luck!!!

dont be put off, if theres a big turnout and peeps behave they shouldnt get funny with peopel and start pulling people over.

i think ya be alright;)

dont laugh but i used to carry the standard plate under my seat years ago on my ZX9R so if i got pulled they would let me stick it back on again.

as for the pipe just dont rev it so much.

if you are heading out of town on the A127 towards southend its on the left hand side of the road past basildon,you wont miss it.

LOL well, meeting a friend for a quick drink at BM straight from work, so could head out that way before going home…

Come say hello as i won’t know anyone… you’ll know me from the mental bike, and more mental helmet :wink:

cant tonight as im working and cant ride the ducati till the power commander is set up.:slight_smile:

Dont forget to make sure your injections are up to date if you’re venturing down that way! ;)Will have to catchup soon, think I’ve spent 5 mins on the bike since Feb :crying:Might venture to BM tomorrow night seeing as weather is top banana for riding! :w00t:

Where you getting it done? Mate of mine specialises in Ducs (and Bimotas), and is a PC authorised Dyno centre…

I’m planning on popping down tonight hope to be there about 8.30, earlier if poss.

Hope to see a few of you there.

yay! see ya there mate:D

Going to pop down for awhile tonight as the weather is sooooooo good, been down in southend all day :slight_smile:


Don’t think I’ll be down there tonight, I’m stuck in the office, will get down for next week though… bloody work getting in the way of my fun, the cheek…

well it was busy!

loads of bikes, a few old bill about, see a few LB’s present too, ianxv1600, andyp,bluestar, PJ and his mates( forgot ya names!) yeah twas a good ride up there myself, arnie and corona gixxa went wandering through the lanes, ended up in billericy!!? that was fun! a good evening ride:)

Good evening ride last night for me , good to meet you all.

Don’t forget to pop in for some chips :D:D:D


It was so nice to ride in warm evening air. Good to see you guys again. We didn’t get home till midnight :slight_smile: and the air temp was still 11 degrees

Summers coming

must change my aftershave.

I was there with a pal until gone 9 and although it was packed and a good laugh i didn’t see any other LBers. (except one guy with an orange Z100 that was asking for Ginger)

Went for a ride around Essex instead ending up in Little Waltham/Chelmsford.

haha i didnt see ya? guy with teh zedthou was with us,u must have seen him before we got there tho?

have to PM me ya number dude, i’ll find ya next time:)

Cheeky bugger:P; anyway it gives AbbeyJ and I better access to the South riding areas we frequent and a quick hot foot over to France which we enjoyed so much last year!!See ya soon matey;)

pm sent.


there was a big enough group of us standing by the gate from the pub to car park, i didnt notice you when walking round looking at the bikes.