Dick Turpin Meet Essex-A127

hey all

Does anyone go up to the meets at the dick turpin on the A127?

i went up there a couple of times towards the end of last summer , quite a few bikes present, just wondering if its still on and if it is, what sort of times are people up there?

yes its still on and if weathers like today then tomorrow (tues) there will be quite a few of us down there again :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah Russ, its still on, i was there the other week, its going to be jammed packed tonight :slight_smile:

was looking for somewhere to ride to and hang out later.

If anybody is in the City and fancies and ride in that direction at about 4 oclock give me a shout…

Thats WAY too early for me…usually get there about 7.30/8pm…though tonight im heading kent way…so dont know what time i will get there…:slight_smile:

fair do’s may see you anyway i’ll detour via chelmsford/the walthams before

Yup, think it is still on, hope to get down there at some point soonish.

Blade, let me know when you guys go, dont want to be standing there on my lonesome. :smiley:

kool guys n gals!

see you there tonite:cool:

I might head out there this evening from the city, depending on what time I get out of work…

Ratty, do you know the name of the village that the cafe we stopped at (the first one) on the BCR on Sunday? I was trying to pinpoint it on a map for a lad in work, I know we were up near haverhill for the haverhill run, but couldnt work out where the town was!


Its called finchingfield mate, braintree essex.

and we popped into high beach after:D

Will do, no probs…baby sitting night off allowing for you! :P…im going to abbeyj’s new place after work today, shes just gone over to the dark side and moved to Kent…:wink: so not sure what time i can get there tonight, but def one for tues now the weathers back !! :stuck_out_tongue:

Where on the 127 is it?

I fancy having a look here ne evening, tonight would eb good but can’t trust my bike to start! :pinch:

not 100% mate check out google maps.

just watch your speeding down there as they leave you alone while in there but try and get you on the way out as there are roundabouts at each end.
if they do get you make sure you dont have a small plate and a loud pipe.

if it starts to get there we could always bump start it when ya leave!:smiley:

yeah i see them there last year, they didnt pull anyone tho.

**do be aware ** that teh police will show at some point so keep ya eyes peeled if you feel you wanna open it up a bit.

cheers for the reminder spamity

uck off i had to do that yesterday at hastings lol

you mean to carry stock pipe and second reg plate in backpack :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe I shouldn’t go then lol