Diary of a courier girl.

Well its been a wash out week and of course i got soaked!

I have never been so wet. Boots still drying so today i set out with the wellies!

Got up earler to finaley put the muffs on the handel bars and put all the waterproofs i had on.

Result was a much more enjoyable day.

I have been riding slow, so many spills on the road and i keep haveing images of slipping.

Once the dark sets in and the rain is chucking it down its so difficult to see and work my way round when not really knowing where iam going. The map book is on the raidiator every night and yes i must get a Tuff map! Cos its getting ridiculas.

drowned rat springs to mind:P

so the muffs kept the old digits warm huh!?:smiley:

keep at it girl!! your doing so well!:)…

i would unashamedly have given up by now!:smiley:

yeah its like an ice-rink today, a line of diesal all the way round the left-left-right northbound park lane today, loverly…

Keep at it! sounds like you are making progress, it is the toughest time of year for this…Keep it steady and you will be OK. Had a scooter going mental around me today, I just kept it steady and stll ended up in the same place at the same time…

keep it up u will soon see your not using the map as much.its not been a good week for bike couriers with the weather.

It sounds horrible, but it also sounds like you are doing really well.

Not sure I would handle it all quiet as well as you are. Wet and Cold are a horrible, horrible mix. Add spilt diesel, unsympathetic traffic and pedestrians and a wet map and I’d be riding home to a radiator and daytime TV pronto.

Good luck!