Diablo III

Anyone got a guest pass they could PM me?

Much love!

Thanks for the reminder, I had completely forgotten about this game, downloading it now.

Well anyone else playing it, let me know apparently you can friends and set up a map and play as a group. Obviously not tried it yet, but might be interesting to give it a shot.

I thought this was a tyre topic haha

+1… My question to Columbo was going to be do they make them small enough for a YBR 125. But its not a tyre thread so its irrelevant lol



Your battletag does not exist :stuck_out_tongue:

battle net email : [email protected]

DUNNO WHAT INFO U NEED TO FIND ME . mmm stupid caps lock.

[email protected] :slight_smile:



How are people finding it?Never played Diablo II but played the original a lot in the 90s.

The only thing that kinda bugs me is that I cannot pause the game indefinitely, on a game where the maps are huge and reset when you leave the game. That is kinda irritating.

Sometimes I can leave a game paused in the background for hours, or even days, and I like to come back to exactly where I was, especially when I have 90% explored a map.

In this game, you get booted off the server, and then come back to a map that is 0.5% explored which the circle that surrounds you.

Not overly pleased at that, but looking forward to playing some multi-player on it…just not sure why you have to be logged on to a server to play a single player version of the game.

And get around to answering your friend requests dammit!

I get paid tomorrow so I can buy the full version then.
Level 13 and the best gear available to me at this point in the game.


I think the need to be online is to stop cheating. The original game, one of the first with random online encounters with other players, was rife with cheating. You could construct your character offline using various tools and then go online with an unbeatable character and just pick off the genuine players. It was what stopped me playing. If you are always on-line the server can ensure all characters are not faked up constructions.

If you can’t save progress in a level I doubt i will be buying. My playing sessions tend to be quite short and nothing makes a game go sour quicker than forced restarts of the same level.

It depends on how short. It has “teleport” spots in each dungeon, so you can teleport back to your original spot.

There are also checkpoints that i forgot about, where if you pause it too long and get booted off the server you come back in at that point.

So i bought it at noon on the 1st.
Powerleveled to 36 and went to bed at 9am on the 2nd.

This game is fucking epic.


I saw Jaime on there this morning, the biatch ignored me :frowning: screw you man screw you!! :smiley: